Born on a military base in Germany on July 26, 1984 Archie Eversole aka Mr. Evasocold ended up being raised in the College Park section of Atlanta. A product of rap’s Dirty South, Atlanta, GA, resident Archie Eversole is a hardcore rapper who thrives on street imagery and specializes in lyrics that are descriptive of his impoverished and sometimes violent environment as a youth.

Following his incarceration of eight months on a charge of simple assault, Archie who was 17 at the time started recording his first album Ride Wit Me Dirty South Style, in the early May 2002 under the now defunct MCA Records. That album produced what is now a Billboard charting Dirty South classic entitled “We Ready” featuring Bubba Sparks.

After a brief hiatus from the music industry, Archie has set his sights on once again becoming the topic of discussion when it comes to southern artist dominating the music charts. The official street single that will take Archie’s new movement with Slummed Out/Dry Rain Entertainment to the next level is entitled “What Money Sounds Like” produced by Needlz for Dry Rain Entertainment (50 Cent, Game, Ludacris, Trina, Fabolous)…

Archie stopped by Po Politickin to discuss his musical journey….

1. Thanks for stopping by Po Politickin. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

First off let me say I appreciate this opportunity. I am Archie Eversole aka Mr. Evasocold. Born in Germany then quickly moved to Atlanta, Georgia where I reside to this day. At 17 I released “We Ready” under MCA Records in 2002. The record smashed the game and pushed my first album to Gold.

2. Your last album “Ride With Me Dirty South Style” was released in 2002, can you explain you six year hiatus from the game?

Numerous things, first off I was in a bad label and management situation. I recently got out of that deal and switched my management team. I feel more confident in how my business is being handled now and I’m able to concentrate on making good music. I was 16 when I released my first album which did respectably well. My single We Ready was everywhere from radio, video games, and even the NFL & NBA… I toured the world and enjoyed every minute of it, but things were being done behind my back and beyond my control that I had no idea about. Now I’m 24 in control of my career and knowledgeable of the business, nicer behind the mic, and the stage show has more energy than ever. While my career as an artist was being held up by the label/management I moved on to working more behind the scenes, fell into production, while playing the block with my people in the streets…

3. Can you describe your new single “What Money Sounds Like”?

Its a statement record… I wanted to reintroduce myself to the game with a strong record to let people know where I have been and what I have been on since the first album. When I heard the joint for the first time I knew what I would do with this joint… I have stronger records but none that have the agressive sound and message that “What Money Sounds Like” has. Needlz produced this joint so you know what it is… I mean you hear it, I think the message is clear I had it at 17 and I still got it at 24.

4. Can you talk about your upcoming album?

The album will be a completely solid project. The tone will definitely be aggressive because I feel like I have a lot to get off my chest. The music is like therapy for me and this is my second time around so I’m holding nothing back. Producers range from Needlz, Khao, Drummer Boy, The Trak Starz and of course myself. I’m only half way there… and I’m sure some things (songs/features) will change before its release but regardless it will be hard and make its way from the streets to the radio from the radio to the internet from the internet to the world…

5. What advice would give to upcoming rappers?

Stay positive, presisistent, and brush off the hate that comes your way. “Fuck what those haters have to say”

6. Who are top five favorite rappers of all-time?

1. Rakim
2. TuPac
3. Scarface
4. Biggie
5. Bun B

7. What are your top five favorite albums?

1. All Eyes On Me – TuPac
2. The Fix – Scarface
3. Read To Die – BIG
4. Riding Dirty – UGK
5. Coming Out Hard – 8 Ball & MJG

8. I appreciate you stopping by Po Politickin. Can you tell us how to contact you?

If you want to stay up to date on my music and show dates check me out at From there you can find my management information for booking shows and features. is coming soon so be on the look out for the launch early 2009. To reach me via phone call 347-329-5358 and you will be able to get updates directly to your cell. As you can see I’m on top of my game… so there is no reason for my fans not to be connected to my movement.

9. Any last words for the readers?

Slummed Out/Dry Rain Entertainment is the label… much love to my city Atlanta and all the fans of my music worldwide. Check me out at let me know if you dig “What Money Sounds Like” and this time it’s more than music… it’s a movement. Mr. EVASOCOLD


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