Po: Tell us a lil’ about yourself?

Well after the military, I enrolled in an institute in Hollywood to learn how to become a recording engineer. The Institute of Audio/Video engineering. At this school we learned Music Theory which was another world for me at the time but I caught on pretty easy. They taught us Midi but it’s much different now then it was before. Midi is everything now. It’s great. Mixing Lab was what I signed up for. Mixing lab was where they taught us how to record to tape and mix everything down. From setting up the mic’s to getting the right level, compressing, tracking the individual tracks, all the goodies, you know. Oh, even from aligning the tape machine (first). See, I learned how to record music the right way. On 2inch reel-to-reel tape. Old school. So much warmer and fatter sound. Now, we all use computers. Hop, skip and a jump and you’re a producer nowadays. Well, we know who really is a producer and who isn’t but that’s a whole nother can a worms. So after I finished school I had a good friend of mine invest in some equipment after I typed up a blueprint on how we would make this work. We picked up 3 Adats which was the first step in the digital world (still before computers) and built a garage studio in good ol’ Baldwin Park, California. Which was called The Blunt Factoree (The name still remains). I started having sessions with many artists and after developing producing skills which included great feedback to them. I noticed I was pretty good at giving advice and I decided to give it a try as an artist and a writer. Guess it worked out just right. So, I had a chance to put all my skills to work in my own studio. And people, there is nothing better than hands-on experience. That is when you find out what you really have inside of you and what you can REALLY DO. School just teaches the basics. And unfortunately what we do, cannot be taught. And for the rest. Well,,,, that would be considered history.

Po: How was it growing up?

Growin up was cool. I grew up in Los Angeles. Ramona Gardens which was the Hazard projects. I was growing up not such a good boy but we moved to Baldwin Park at a young age. There I settled down a lil’ but made friends with the wrong crowd. Can you blame me? We got into a lot of trouble but I guess that’s apart of growin’ up. I started playing sports cuz I was a bad little mutha#@$%. So yeah I was good. Mostly baseball. And when I was in Junior High, my Aunt bought me two turntables. Almost doesn’t sound real huh? Like a rappers story of his life BUT TRUE for blunt. Yes indeedy. During Junior High I would play at some High School lunch dances and boy was I nervous. During High School we started doin a lot of backyard parties. That’s when it got fun cuz we’d compete against other DJ’s. We had a few rappers drop in here and there. It was cool. Little did I know back then that I was developing an ear for music like I wouldn’t believe. Now because of that, I know exactly what people want to hear when producing a track. What makes them move. My problem is I never followed the rules. I always wanted to do something different that no one has ever done before. Or, simply that couldn’t be compared to anything else. We now refer to that as CHILLHOP.

Po: I read that you are the the originator of “Chill Hop”. Can you describe “Chill Hop”?

It’s a movement. It’s what most artists are scared to try because in reality, it can be scary. It’s one of those things that can MAKE YOU or BREAK YOU. You see, the average listener listens to music different than we do. A lot of them listen to see if they like the beat first. There’s others that really dig in to the brain of an artist. Those are our Underground Cats. However it goes, there is one thing we ALL follow. That is “familiarity”. Music changes as we already know. But, it changes in similar sequence. Like where certain sounds and styles branch off to this n that style, etc. Well, when someone comes with a completely new type of sound, including live instruments, patterns, difference in vocal delivery. It’s a big chance we are takin’ becuz it is NOT familiar. Either you shock everyone in a good way OR they just don’t understand you and never give you a chance. I, personally call that being ahead of your time but thats’ been since I can remember. Chillhop is unique and definitely Original developed by Eliot Waldhorn (Producer), Mark Cuddy (Executive Producer) and myself. FOUR years in the making… It has smoky, urban, flows that are delivered in a certain dynamic range. It’s Hip Hop with a twist of more than the usual R&B, a touch of Jazz with lyrics that bounce around with a warm and classy fashion. I (C-blunt) have always had my own style. It was just never categorized until now. I figured I’m in a league of my own and we call that “Chillhop”.

Po: Aside from music, what are your other interest?

When I’m not doing music I’m with my Lady. That’s when I get to relax. We have such a great connection. Betty is actually a singer also so even when we’re together sometimes, we’re working on music….Lets see, I “love” Sports. Baseball is my favorite. We try to go to as many Dodger games as we can. Love the Lakers. And yes, I’m a 49er fan. I’m down with watching movies. Really like movies. I study the hell outta them. I think I can write one by now, or play in one, lol. Hey, rappers make pretty good actors. Oh, if I can get out to shoot an 18, I am a very, very happy man. Love to play golf. Pretty good. Like traveling. We just got back from a cruise. It’s definitely a new interest considering how much we love the ocean. Sport video games are cool. Boxing titles are always dope. Shootin’ some pool, darts, and a game of Texas hold’em or spades. When I’m not doing music, I love to just RELAX.

Po: Where do you see your career in 2013?

n 2013 I plan to be an executive at a record label. Really I have so many options. I might be known as the originator, recording artist, and producer but there’s a little more to that. Let’s say you locked me in a room with three meals a day, a couple of artist and some equipment. We would have an album done in roughly 40 days. Quality album that is. All we would need is the artwork. People tend to think that producing is making phat beats. That’s true but a producer also directs an artist. Talks to an artist while they’re performing to paint a clear picture for them. There is so much behind that and I’m able to do that quite well. By being an artist, I can help with the songwriting if there needs to be a change or rearrangement of somewhat. Then there’s Engineering. I would probably say that that’s where c-blunt shines. What happens when you’ve created a ridiculous beat with some of the tightest lyrics with great delivery on it? Well, if you give it to the wrong person. There’s a very good chance that they can destroy your whole song. It doesn’t come down to Mastering. It comes down to Mixing. Mastering cannot GET what’s NOT there to begin with. Follow? So when I slap on the Engineer hat. All hell breaks loose. The song WILL come to life. It’s the most time consuming position but its well worth it at the end. So I don’t know. I can be an Engineer, a Producer, Music Arrangement, Vocal Coach, Recording Artist, A&R, etc. After all, I’m pretty much doin’ all that right now. So I guess with all those skills, an Executive position would fit just right considering the hands-on experience.

Po: Do you have any current projects?

C-blunt is always doing something. I am currently working on 5 albums simultaneously. Yes that is very a hard to do but I just keep moving. I don’t look back too often. You have to trust your own judgment and keep forward. I’m working on Silly Rabbit’s album which I featured on a couple songs of the “Chillhop” album. Rabbit’s my animated rapper not to mention clever and hell of original. We’re a couple weeks away from finishing that album. That one is just about done. Release date should be 2nd quarter, 2009. Check it out. It’s called “Rabbit Season”. I’m also working on Johnny Boy’s album which will be titled “Realest in the Game”. JB’s goal in this album is to revolutionize what was known as Chicano Rap. Basically to take it to the next level .He sets the example of keepin ‘it real with music that’s universal for all audiences. Release, somewhere around the 3rd Quarter, 2009. Another album I’m working on is Ace. My young prodigy. Ace is featured on the hit single “Your Majesty” from the “Chillhop” album. Also featured is Eddie Cane. Ace’s album is titled “Ace of Spades” and I don’t think I want to say anything about this album yet. It’s a surprise. 3rd Quarter, 2009 as well. Watch out. Fourth album, from Los Angeles with half a million profile views.Kayottic and Lefty Knuckles are “The Suspects”. This is the most recent project of mine. This album just needs to be mixed down so I get to slap on my Engineer hat. Although we are recutting vocals and changing some things around. It’s a hott west coast album. And last but not least, we have officially started working on Eddie Cane’s third album. We are two deep and ya’ll better really watch out for this hot R&B album. No release date yet. So yes, there’s a few projects in the makin’ here at the Blunt Factoree.

Po: I appreciate you coming by “Po Politickin”. Any last words for the readers?

There is a saying my Manager and Business Partner Mark Cuddy says: “It takes a person that is wide awake to make their dreams come true” and I really believe that. It’s a tough world, you have to have that no quit attitude and believe in yourself.

Check more of C-Blunt out at http://www.c-blunt.com/

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