Tacoma, WA-based rapper Chuck Die$el the Lone Wolf presents the Chase Fade-directed music video for “Living Lavish”, the Jacky Clouds-produced new single from Die$el’s forthcoming EP Love Wolf. Hailing from Wooster, Ohio, Chuck has been spreading his ‘Create Reality’ philosophy through his previous EPs Adolescent NightsSummer Sessions, and #TrapDiesel (LinkTree), and previous videos include “Sleazee” (Youtube) and “Homerun” (Youtube). Die$el has already released The Love Wolf Mixtape to prep for the upcoming EP version (Soundcloud). ”This song is a feel good bop,” Chuck says about his new single. “I woke up feeling good and started singing to myself on the way to work. It reminds me of a summer day in the sun and having fun.”

What’s the hiphop scene in the Pacific Northwest like? And in Tacoma in particular? How do you feel you fit in? How does life there contrast from Ohio?

Well for one there’s a lot of sounds. With the young and old generations both being active. And there’s a lot a creativity always coming out. I feel like the scene out here is weird though. Like it’s definitely active and a lot of people are doing big things. I’ve even managed to bump elbows with industry artists and producers like Street Runner, RAZ, and Clemm Rashad. Yet at the same time you’re likely to pull up to anyone in Seattle, or Tacoma, or Federal Way or anywhere in Washington and name an artist from there that seems to be popping and not be surprised that they’re unheard of. There’s a lot of unabridged gaps and so much potential to be tapped into. Someone just has to figure out how to unify it and there could be a real music renaissance out here. In Tacoma there’s a couple artists who are on like commercial records yet go unknown. And there’s a lot of upcoming artists and fresh SoundCloud artists trying to figure it out. I feel like I sit in a weird spot. I know I have the content, quality, and talent the “known” artists do. But being from another state I’m still in the same pool as the fresh starting artists. But that’s just part of the grind. Life is definitely a little more fast paced than Ohio out here. There’s a lot more business and commerce and tax. That’s the first thing I noticed a pack of woods is like $10. In Ohio it’s $6. But there’s also a raw energy here that you can feel and every time I hit Seattle and see the skyline I come to life and I love it. There’s art everywhere and parks and coast/ water everywhere. I mean of course there’s the gray season which is long as fuck but I don’t really notice as much as you’d think There’s so many creative artistic people and everyone is pretty chill and hands off. It’s nice. It’s kinda comforting to know people aren’t worried about what you’re doing just walking down the street. Where I’m from in Ohio, it’s weird to just be out at a certain time. 

Do you think there’s a noticeable difference in rap style between Washington and Ohio? Can you describe it?

Definitely. 80% of the artists I hear from out in Washington I know immediately they’re from here. It’s in the flow , or cadence, or beat and some cases all three. It’s like that west coast bounce or the Bay Area Mac Dre style beats we all know, it seems to be incorporated in a lot of stuff . There’s like a whole cut of artists who still make music that sounds like the bounce era. But there are definitely people doing things I’ve never heard and it’s hella refreshing. And then of course you have your “standard” auto tune trap and mumble rap trap. But for the most part I don’t feel like mumble rap is the thing out here. People like bag talk and talking about the grind out here. Think Mozzy and most people who like rap will like it if it sounds something like him. 

What do you think it will take for you to blow in the industry?

Some time, dedication and hard work. Right now I need to get my connects up and figure out my concrete marketing. Really the only way to win is to develop the right to tools. So that’s what I’m doing. Packing the tool belt and stacking as much content and currency as possible so I can keep producing quality products. 

What do you feel is the strongest line you’ve ever written and why?

Oooh. That’s a tough one. Lemme see….. That’s hard to say. I’ve been writing for over ten years so I can’t even begin to remember. But my favorite this week is “ top ten pick and I’m locked in, Got no conscience when I’m clocked in and I don’t clock out.“ Either that or I was just writing a new song last night and this came to me: “ Always love you but remember / your heart is colder than December / I’m Jamaican, fuck the winter”. I like quick witty things that are memorable.

What’s the number one thing you’ve learned from this pandemic situation? How has it affected your life?

That more people are wanting for connections than it seems. Being in quarantine lowkey showed me how much time I spend alone and in the crib. It was weird to be like damn everyone’s freaking out cuz they can’t kick it and go do stuff and I don’t even realize the difference other than I’m not working. That and that support systems are always there. In the time off I reconnected with some HS friends, college friends, and my pledge class. From every conversation I just realized how many people I really had on my time and in my corner that just wanted to see me win. I also realized some relationships I had neglected. The biggest effect it’s had on me is not going to a day job. That gave me time to visit back to Ohio and just realize how far I’ve come. I’ve never been the one to be satisfied with my accomplishments because I want more and better. But when seeing my old room and my grandma’s house and the town I grew up in, I’ve realized I gotta give myself a pat on the back. Yet it just made me hungrier for what’s next to come because there’s still so far to go. I’ve had time to reconnect with myself and my thoughts and what I want so that was nice . Also took a hike to see a waterfall and shot an impromptu music video so that was dope. 

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