Who is Dedrick Jamaal? The Baton Rouge, LA lyricist is on his way to becoming hip hop’s next breakthrough artist. After garnering much success from his debut project Overnight and single, “Broadway,” which featured on over 50 urban and internationally publications as well as being voted #1 on numerous music video countdown shows, Dedrick is ready to claim his spot in the hip hop game.

Whether it’s crafting feel-good tunes or mellow jams questioning the status quo, Dedrick has a singular sound that sets him apart. Dedrick’s lyrics show an immense thoughtfulness and a big heart at the base of his art. His soulful and energetic delivery allows him to drop lyrical jewels while entertaining listeners with a smooth and polished flow.

Now as a part of Blacklight Music Group (home to Dylan Cage and Hey Daem), Dedrick Jamaal is now focused on delivering a quality sound that blends a diverse array of topics with entrancing melodies. His goal is to provide his audience with an authentic experience reminiscent of the classic hip hop legends such as Jay-Z, T.I and Nas with a mixed of new hip hop like Drake, Kanye West, and J. Cole to name a few.

Be ready to experience the raw hunger of southern roots as it’s mixed with the big city feel and flair, the way only Dedrick Jamaal can deliver it!

Twitter: @DedrickJamaal
Instagram: @Dedrick_Jamaal225
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dedrick-jamaal

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