Welcome to another edition of Po Politickin. In this episode, we politick with Detroit, Michigan Fool Boy Marley.


Fool Boy confidently hit the ground running with building his name and notoriety from gracing many stages with likes of hip hop heavyweights like Gucci Mane and Machine Gun Kelly, to touring with Charlie Baltimore and Big Heff’s Midwest Industry tour. Fool Boy Marley wasted no time successfully launching his first hit single “Fool Boy oh Boy”, which can be heard throughout local radio broadcasting and mix shows throughout the Midwest.
Focused on making hits and working with artists who bring a different array of sounds and melodies to the world of entertainment, is sure to give Fool Boy Marley the recognition he’s worked so hard to attain. Signed to BMB Records, the industry has taken notice and is keeping a very close eye on Fool Boy, as his dreams and aspirations to become relevant today’s current music culture is becoming his everyday reality and has definitely created an unanticipated and well respected shifted in Detroit hip hop culture.

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Fool Boy Marley – OH BOY! (Official Video)

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