Po Politickin sat down with Baltimore artist Greenspan to discuss the origin of his name, being a underrated local rapper with one of the tightest live shows, and his upcoming project “Got Green 2”.

Po: Sup homie, thanks for stopping by Po Politickin. For the first question, can your discuss your name? Are you related to the economist Alan Greenspan? Lol

GS: I feel that art allows you to be creative with your identity. Back in 2003 when I was in the process of creating a company and a brand, I was also learning about the Federal Reserve of the United States. The name Greenspan just stuck. Also GREEN is progressive, moving forward, –> like GREEN-Light. GREEN = Getting Rid of Each & Everything Negative.

Po: I read that you are an underrated local rapper with one of the tightest live shows in the city (Baltimore). Whatโ€™s your opinion on this?

GS: Well, I’m appreciative to anyone who enjoys my music and my live show. People don’t owe me to like my music, you feel me? Underrated…people like what they like. If they haven’t heard of Greenspan, then there’s more work for us to do as far as exposure and promo… That’s how I feel.

Po: How would you describe yourself as a artist? What separates you from the 1,000,000,000,000 emcees out there?

GS: Sophisticated and Progressive. I’m all about moving forward and smiling ๐Ÿ™‚ So if anything is hindering my progress or has potential to make me unhappy, I leave it alone. What separates me is my honesty and my perspective on everything I speak on. I may have lived and experience something similar to another person, but what I learned from the situation can be different and that’s how I approach music when I’m expressing myself…
And I have a fantastic smile too! ๐Ÿ™‚

Po: I notice you have a new projects dropping soon “Got Green 2”. Could you tell us more about it? Any other projects on deck?

GS: Got Green 2 is my 3rd release and the best 1 so far (in my opinion). I think GG2 allows listeners to experience a transition. I’m more focused on the creative process of entire songs and compositions rather than just a hot verse, you feel me…

Po: What are 5 things you cannot live without?

GS: My Mac Book Pro!!!

Po: Where do you see your music career in 2015?

GS: The cover of Rolling Stone… Lord Willing

Po: Once again, thanks for coming thru. Any words for your fans?

GS: Live Life and Luv it!! There’s no time for “What if’s.” GreenspanMusic.com

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