Po: Thanks for stopping by Po Politickin, could you tell us a little bit about yourself? I was reading that you was from Nashville, Tenn?

MTK: That’s right. I was born in Nashville. Now I’m in college right outside the city.

Po: What is your music background? How long have you been rapping?

MTK: I’ve been rapping for almost 9 years now. I really owe that to my parents. Growing up, they exposed me to all different kinds of music. My mom even had me freestyling.

Po: Who are your musical influences?

MTK: Nas, Big L, Jadakiss, Wu-Tang Clan, Gang Starr, A Tribe Called Quest, even Will Smith. The list goes on as far as MCs, but also Donald Byrd, Herbie Hancock, John Coltrane.

Po: How do you describe your music to people?

MTK: My music is intellectual. I won’t stress how “real” it gets, because too many rappers do that nowadays, but It’s different, innovative and is more focused on the common people. Overall, I mainly speak from a regular guy’s perspective.

Po: What image do you think your music conveys?

MTK: Hopefully, my music breaks the stereotypes of southern MCs. I hope my music shows a positive image of whatever I’m involved with.

Po: What are your immediate music career goals?

MTK: Finish another tape, do more shows, and keep getting press/promotion.

Po: Who’s your Top 5 Rappers? Top 5 Albums?

MTK: Jadakiss, Nas, Big L, Joe Budden and Rakim. My top 5 albums are It Was Written, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Ironman, The Low End Theory, and The Minstrel Show

Po: Do you have any interests outside of music?

MTK: Being in college, I had to nerd it out (lol). I’m pretty big on video games and football. I also like to cook

Po: Are you looking for an independent label deal or a major label deal? (Why?)

MTK: I’d prefer an independent deal. Indies are taking back control, and they’re giving more freedom and more money to these artists.

Po: What advice would you give to aspiring rappers?

MTK: Stay consistent, stay true to yourself, and have a back-up plan.

Po: Can you discus your current projects?

MTK: I’m currently working on 3 tapes right now. The first one is 6:15 Day Dreamsz with Black Noize, who’s also from Nashville. The single, “Tha Best” with KDV was recently featured on Datpiff’s newest compilation mixtape. 6:15 Day Dreamsz will be hosted by DJ Lady T. I’m also working on my next solo mixtape Raw Material, which will be hosted by Mick Boogie and Mix Master Maize. I’m taking people back to the 90s with that one. Finally, I’m working on my debut EP The 8-Track. The 8-Track is alot of stories and concepts condensed into 8 songs. No features, but production includes Rob Reed, Tactik, Opie, Snare Jordan, Bhon, Teckniq and True.

Po: Once again thanks for stopping by Po Politickin, any last words for the readers?

MTK: First off, thanks to Po for even giving me a shot. Shout outs go to KDV, GDup, Vithym, Rob Doe, Mark II and the Family, Black Magic, DJ Legacy, DJ Modesty, DJ Mor, Skyzoo, Panaramic View, Soundmind, J.Roca, Fresh City, I.V.Y. League, Rare Breed, and if I miss anyone, it’s all love. I know too many people. Check out the music at www.myspace.com/macthaknife. I’m also on Facebook, Twitter, I’m all over the Internet. Download The Great American Paper Chase on my page. I got alot more on the way. Peace

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