Po Politickin caught up with Baltimore emcee Mark Milly to dicuss his Hip-Hop based lifestyle brand Young Hustlaz Gettin’ Money, his influences, and his latest release “F%@kMarkMilly-The Brief Tape”.

Po: Thanks for stopping by Po Politickin? For our first question, describe a day in the life of Mark Milly.

MM: Wow! well, everyday is different. LOL But typically wake up ((do all that morning
‘clean people’ shit, ya know? wash face, brush teeth etc.)) <-- too much detail right? But umm... majority of my day would be spent on my computer, networking, promoting, editing videos, writing songs etc. Unless i'm out getting to the money. So all in all a day in the life of ME is pretty much just busy-busy-busy! work work work! Sometimes I barely eat... video shoots, studio, events.. being a boss.... the life I chose... *shrugs*

Po: I read that you are an entrepreneur who has dreams of operating a media empire? Could you discuss? How are you cultivating your business side?

MM: Yes, Yes that I am. I have ‘up & coming empire’ #1 — Y.H.G.M (Young Hustlaz Gettin Money) which is a Hip-Hop based lifestyle brand. Y.H.G.M. (Young Hustlaz Gettin’ Money) embraces the culture of young, hard working individuals who are successful, through all outlets; music, clothing, community events, blogging, web based social networks to name a few. Y.H.G.M. (Young Hustlaz Gettin Money) is also the blueprint for Hustlaz in every aspect from the street to the office and is the new definition of HARD WORK! Music is our Hustle whats yours? ( via http://www.youtube.com/yhgm1 ). Branches that stem from Y.H.G.M include YHGM films http://yhgmfilms.blogspot.com/ , YHGM South, clothing, a record pool etc etc. I just want to cover many areas of the entertainment industry because theres not much money to be made in music anymore.

My second up & coming company “The Incredible Creation” is a creative venture that host an array of artistic abilities, facilitating in creating, building and supporting the dreams of those artist invested in this artistic powerhouse. Joining together all facets of creative talents under one unifying brand who’s mission is to set the standard of being incredible though fostering the growth and development of its members personally, professionally, emotionally and by using the wealth of resources at its disposal, a unique perspective, an outlet to freely express themselves/cause through use of their various artistic talents. The Incredible Creation in essence is a family full of different talents outlets and outlets all connected by a sincere desire to touch and inspire the world through their gifts.

http://www.theincrediblecreation.com/ x http://www.wix.com/incrediblecreation/incrediblecreationdotcom

Po: How would you describe yourself as a artist? Who were some of your influences?

MM: As an I artist I believe that i’m very versatile and experimental. I like to create and play around with different ideas & concepts. I’m ‘incredible’ to say the least and have even been called a genius by some *shrugs*. I haven’t even reached my full potential and I know that I have a long way to go. I’m determined to be one of the best artists the world has seen. Some of my influences were Kriss Kross, Master P & his No Limit empire, Jay-Z, Cash Money, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Michael Jackson and a list of others

Po: You are rapper, producer, and a designer. Could you tell us how you balance each career?

MM: LOL I’ll let the “rapper” part slide…. I don’t make beats but I am a producer in a sense…. ‘executive producer’ + many other titles but I balance everything that i do with time management and my moods. Depending on what kinda mood i’m in determines on what i’ll focus on at that specific moment in time but as a boss who wears many hats you have to know how to juggle & multi-task.

Po: Could you discuss your current project? I know you just dropped “F%@kMarkMilly-The Brief Tape”. Any other projects on deck.

MM: Well ‘F**k Mark Milly’ was just a brief -tape, something to keep my name hot and on peoples mind. My next project which is an EP will be much more brief but straight to the point. Every track is produced by a young, up & coming producer from New Jersey who goes by the name of Probz. All the songs have a soulful feel to them and each will tell a story. We’re releasing it on July 26th, heres some promo for it :: http://vimeo.com/10192626 x http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vsxxKCxtMc

Po: Name 5 things you couldn’t live without?

MM: Music, Females, Food, My son &….. technology !

Po: Thanks for stopping by. Any words to your fans?


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