Po: Can you tell the us a little about yourself?

One Dose: Yea I was born in raised in Lubbock Tx, Now I live in Las Vegas I’m 28 years old, i ‘m black and love Christ and my wife and my kids they def keep me grounded

Po: How was it growing up?

One Dose: Well my mom was a minister so she was intense growing up My dad was a hard working man so we didn’t spend much time together.. But they kept us in everything but it didn’t work so you know I rebelled dabbled with the wrong people and it took God to put me back on the right path.

Po: How did you get involved in Christian Rap? How does it differ from HipHop?

One Dose: Well I was a secular rapper before so It was a naturally progression as I grew up in Christ to give my life and my talent to him entirely it was hard most people think we just up and do it naw it ‘s hard. To be about what you say and live it’s hard work. But def the message is what’s diffrent in holy hiphop, regular hiphop has polished it’s talent to nothing less then material things. and when I’m down and out and my homie just got killed that last thing I wanna hear about is what I done copped.

Po: Describe your music? How does it differ from everyone else?

One Dose: It’s real southern and then it has my own uniqness in there dipped in with the whole Christian Swagg i try to change every beat the best way I can just to change things. and be multi facited. Music is my message my weapon of choice. I will use it to defend I will use it to defeat. What ya’ll know about that!

Po: Where do you see yourself in 2013?

One Dose: I take one day at a time I really do because it took me to view life like this to stop the things I was doing I couldn’t never stop example smoking when i saw 2 weeks down the road.i had to take it day by day. So if I give today my best That’s all i ask from myself.

Po: What advice would you give as advice to aspiring rappers?

One Dose: Bring a message it’s due time Real talk man to man women to women our world ain’t going to chang unless we change it. People think positive music is corney. Naw you just corney spitten positive music. For real you got to be talented just like everybody else probably more talented becacuse nobody’s doing it so you have to be inspired on your own. From the Spirt rippin it from the gut

Po: Can you talk about your label?

One Dose: YNj Ent. Fo sho it meansYahweh Nation Juuno Yahweh is the original name of God back in the good old days so Yahweh Nation means God’s Nation and Junno is the stamp on things. We bringing it right now. so ya’ll look us up

Po: Do you have any current projects?

We Believe in Holy Hiphop is out Nov 21 Free Download. Also we have the Icognoto project due out soon and it will be availble on Slip and Slide’s website

Po: Where can we heard more of your music?

One Dose: www.myspace.com/onedose702 www.myspace.com/yahwehnation

Po: I appreciate you stopping by Po Politickin, do you have any last words for the readers?

One Dose: If you need a helping hand in life you tired down and out Don’t be scared or embaressed to seek God he truly changed my life and he will change yours. Shout to my family, Shout out to my record label family, Shout out to my family in Christ. Let the Nation say Juuno!

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