Q1 – Thanks for stopping by to politick with us. I was reading that you are originally from the Southern California area?  Can you discuss your background and how you wanted to do music?  

Peace, Appreciate You guys having me. Yezzir, Los Angeles representative. Me and my family are Armenian immigrants by way of Beirut, Lebanon. We moved into the states when I was about 2 years old. Right into Hollywood, California, but not the Hollywood most people think of when you think of stars and movies. That’s where I saw the streets first hand, the taggers, the gang bangers, the break dancers, The culture. All of it. That’s when I got into music and Hip Hop. We moved into the San Fernando Valley when I was around the age of 7, but still consistently traveled into Los Angeles to visit familyand would spend nights at a time at grandma’s or my cousin’s house. That’s why I always rep 818 to 213 and everything in between. I started out tagging and getting into trouble in the streets, eventually started joining break dance circles and ran with a crew called “Wicked Tribe” to try and stay outta trouble. It was at break practice that I would join the freestyle session and finally realize that I wanted to start recording my own shit. 

Q2- Who exactly is Patrick Antonian?        

Man, right into some deep questions, haha, I love it. Patrick Antonian is a complex human just like everyone else. I’m just tryna navigate life and see some happiness and success for my family and loved ones. I like to think of myself as an old soul, who got the know-how of today’s times but still got the morals and codes that the OGs lived by. I’m just tryna be better each day. I’ve done some good and some bad but I’m always striving to build strong suits. My respect, loyalty, love, and other positive things…these are the characteristics I’m tryna grow. My pops and big homies are all well respectable and honorable men. I’m just tryna carry on their legacy of what a man is in this world. 

Q3 – What do you do besides music?

When I’m not making music, I’m gong to see some live music. Haha. I’m a fan at heart first. I love going to live shows or small venues that have good Djs. Just chill and vibe out, no matter the genre. I like seeing and feeling the live energy of any musical performance and how their specific audience is immersed in it like I am with Hip Hop. When ever there is time I also love to just chill out with my family and loved ones, watching movies and bullshitting. Also, love nature. Going camping or fishing just to disconnect from the matryx for a little. It’s good to get away. One of the best things about Cali is that you can get to the beach, lakes, or snow all within 4 hours of driving. It’s easy to just smoke something and go on an adventure. 

Q4 – Who is your most dedicated and loyal fan?

I don’t think i have met them yet. Yeeeeeee. We got a good steady show of love with heads that are familiar with the music. It’s all love. They spin the new shit, pull up to the shows, rep and repost. To me, even though I don’t know them personally, I feel like it’s a family. Cause if you relating to what I’m spitting, we obviously got something in common. So it’s dope to see some of those true day one fans that still show out for your boi as the fanbase grows. It’s mutual respect with all of ’em. We all love and respect the music and culture. 

Q5 – Can you discuss your current projects and plans for 2022?

Definitely, plug time baby! I got a new EP I’m working on right now. Called “Human” It’s gonna be crazy. I’m excited for this one, cause I wanna take my time and craft a cohesive project. The whole thing will be produced by Bei Ru. One of my day one brothers that has a monster single out featuring Roc Marciano right now called “Manolo’s Theme” Make sure to check that out. I’m also working on an EP with the Legendary Medusa from Project Blowed that should be out this year, we about 3 songs deep into that joint. Besides that I got a bunch of loose singles that’s gonna have some note worthy surprises and amazing features. 

Q6 –  Can you describe the new single “Beautifully Ugly”? Is there a music video for it? 

“Beautifully Ugly” is about the biggest duality of the world. The chorus’ first line is “Such a beautiful place, but an ugly world.” The fact that we exist in this beautiful universe in all of its intricacies, but some of our life experiences make it so ugly. Wether it be personal struggles or the general ugliness in the world through hate, oppression, wars, and more. You can’t loose yourself in the negatives, but you also can’t live in la-la-land thinking shit is just all sweet out here. We did shoot a video for this joint. It’s one of my personal favorites form my catalogue. The video is shot by the one and only Guapcity Productions. The hottest videographer in Los Angeles right now. Came out fire, I’m excited for people to see it. It’s out and available on youtube. We appreciate anyone taking the time to go check out the visuals. 

Q7 – Have you worked with any known MC’s/Singers/Artists, etc ?  We did see you linked up with A-F-R-O (All Flows Reach Out) for this single, how did that come about?     

I definitely have been blessed to be able to make some joints with some of my personal favorite Emcees. Legends in my eyes. Not only have I gotten to make music with these guys, but also become homies with them. It’s really dope when you get to meet some of your music idols and they are humble, down to earth, & still some of the nastiest Emcees. If I could go back and tell my high school self who I would have tracks with in the future, i still wouldn’t believe myself. Ima only name a couple for the official article, just cause I’m not tryna name drop too much, I want the music to stand for itself. I got a Banger with Ras Kass called “Elite Year.” That’s my brother right there and it was one of the first singles that took off and lead to so many more opportunities. The other I will mention is called “Space Killers” and features Myka 9 of Freestyle Fellowship IF there is anyone who doesn’t already know Shiiiiiiiii……. Haha. The rest Ima leave as a surprise. A-F-R-O is really an amazing young dude. Talented, good hearted, and super down to earth. My childhood friend Mikey Mastrodomenico. who also helps manage me, introduced me to him. We were both already big fans of his. We all had a connection, so we start building together on the song, some shows, & the video. It was all a really dope experience and we got more to come. 

Q8- Thanks for coming thru. Anymore words for the readers, where can we check out more of your music?

Really Appreciate you guys having me. People can check out the joints wherever they digest their music. Search Patrick Antonian on any platform and please ya’ll, don’t forget Youtube. We put a lot of love and time into our crafts and we hope you enjoy them. Last words for the readers is a quote from my pops that he told me when I was a teenager. “Never let a man borrow 3 things. Your car, you’re gun, or your wife,” words from the OG. Peace and thank you again. 

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