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We recently politicked with the homie RayDawn. With the recent success of Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller, Pittsburgh is now being deemed as one of the newest places for untapped talent and perhaps RayDawn is next to shine.

Name five things you can’t live without.

  • Family & Friends – Without their support, I would’ve never had the courage to chase my dream.
  • Music – Music is my life. Take that away and what else is there?
  • My Laptop – Today’s music grind is all about the Internet! I write my rhymes on Microsoft Word, I g-mail like a mad man, without my laptop I’m lost!
  • Coffee – To get ahead in this industry, you’ve got to outwork the competition…that means many long nights.
  • Franks ‘Extra Hot’ Sauce – Nuff said.

Name five things you love about Pittsburgh.

  • Being Next Up – With the successes of Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller, the industry is now paying attention. The foundation has been laid and I intend to keep on building!
  • Steelers – When you’re born here you just don’t have a choice, it’s part of who you are.
  • The People – You won’t find a city with as many friendly/down-to-earth people period!
  • The small town/big city feel – Pittsburgh is a certified city, but just small enough for everybody to “know” or “know of” everybody.  You definitely don’t want to burn bridges here.
  • Primanti’s – The corned beef/cole slaw/fries/and cheese sandwich, all I need in my life..

Could you explain why you quit law school for your hip hop career?

  • My parents stressed college and the importance of becoming a doctor/lawyer/astronaut. I graduated from college and went to law school in pursuit of a downtown condo and a foreign car.  When I got there, it wasn’t everything I expected…I realize that once I got all the luxuries I could by, there wouldn’t be anything else.  Making music had always been a hobby of mine, but when real life hit me my priorities changed.  Life’s too short to work a job you hate!

Name your top five favorite rappers?

  • In no particular order: Note, my top 5 changes often.

o    Kanye West

o    MF Doom

o    Q-Tip

o    Jay-Z

o    Young Jeezy

5. Name five of your favorite books?

  • Hot, Flat, and Crowded – By Thomas L. Friedman
  • Do You! – By Russell Simmons
  • The Da Vinci Code – By Dan Brown
  • Waiter Rant – By Steve Dublanica
  • Guns, Germs, and Steel – Jared Diamond

6. Name five traits that separate your from other rappers?

  • College Degree – It’s becoming more and more prevalent, but artists with degrees are still the minority.
  • Pronunciation – Listen to my music and you’ll hear me pronouncing every single word.  I’ve got bachelors in English; I just can’t help myself…
  • Understanding “Contracts” – I’m no expert, but I have just enough legal training to know when something’s fishy.  Some artists are so happy to get “signed”, they’ll sign anything! Not me.
  • Study Habits – Finishing college and going to graduate school gave me an edge.  When there’s something or someone I need to know in the industry, I have no problem doing the research.  When I ask you a question, you can bet I already know the answer.
  • Evolution – It seems as if rappers put themselves in a box, meaning they find a sound that they feel comfortable with and stick to it.  With every new project I aim to expand my talents.  None of my songs sounds the same.

Thanks for coming through politickin’ with us, do have any parting for words for the readers?

If people aren’t hating on you, there’s a lot more work to be done!


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