On the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts, coming from the east side of a small city going by the name of Lynn, born on February 20th, 1991 is Tony Moreaux. A fair amount of culture runs through Tony’s blood especially with him being part French Canadian and part African American. Tony comes off as a lyrical cat with a twist of generation Y with his catchy and infectious hooks. Tony is also a producer who has not only produced for himself, but worked with a variety of artists from his city. Aggressive bars, witty punchlines and always real is what makes Tony such a special artist. He is speaking about things that appeal to a wider audience but most of all things people can relate to.

Tony can go from putting together a gritty boom bap track to switching flows on an ignorant trap record and always holding his own on any featured slot that is thrown his way. As an artist, Tony is giving you his take on life from the “regular guy” perspective without being “regular” or typical. His creativity allows him to keep his product as raw and fresh as ever. Just like anyone else, the man has a story and he gives you just that without any fabrication.

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