Po: Thanks for stopping by “Po Politickin”. I read that you are a PK (preacher’s kid). When listening to your music, I can actually hear your gospel roots. Can you talk a little bit about your upbringing?

I grew up in the church and have been singing since I was five-years-old. Listening to my mom who is the minister of music at my church, and my dad who was the pastor at my church, they gave me a lot of style and my roots. Also, listening to old school artists like Al Green, Bobby Womack and Sam Cooke have definitely influenced my style of singing and my music.

Po: I saw that your third album, the third installment of your Ghetto Revelations saga, GR III: Old School 2 Nu Skool is dropping on April 28, 2009. I was wondering could you tell more about the Ghetto Revelations saga? What was the vision and direction taken in each volume?

Ghetto Revelations – That was my first album and I wanted to introduce myself as a R&B singer. Because my gospel roots are a big part of me and my music, I wanted to show people my soulful side so they could get to know me and understand where I come from.

Ghetto Revelations II- I wanted to incorporate my gospel roots, but also show another side of me- the young side- and incorporate some hip hop. I’m only 24-yrs-old and was motivated to bring both sides together into one album.

GRIII – Again, I wanted to stay true to my roots and give my fans what they want by incorporating old school R&B, with artists like Sam Cooke. I took his classic “A Change Is Gonna Come” and remade it to reflect the changes we have experienced over the past few months with the election of our first Black president, “Obama: A Change Has Come.” Obama was also influenced by the church, and I felt it was important to include that song on my album.
The other side of GRIII, I wanted to give something to my generation, hence the title Old School 2 Nu Skool. That’s where my single “Main Squeeze” featuring Yung Joc comes from. I also included Reggae songs and one Jazz track. The album covers many different genres — Soul, R&B, Gospel, Hip Hop, Reggae and Jazz.

Po: How was it recording GR III: Old School 2 Nu Skool? Are there any guest appearances on the album?

Recording GRIII was a great experience. Each time I record an album, I’m able to learn, grow and also leave part of myself in my music. There are some guest appearances on the album. Yung Joc is featured on my single “Main Squeeze.” Beenie Man is on “So Fly” with SoBe artist Ce’Cile. SoBe artist Phyllisia and I have duets on “I’ll Be Good 2 You” and “Why Can’t We?” Also Ce’Cile and Shaggy are on the track “I’m Waiting.” Finally, upcoming Florida artist P. Chase appears on “Days of Our Lives.”

Po: When you are not making music, what are your other interests? Any hidden talents?

[laughs] No I don’t have any hidden talents. When I’m not making music, I’m spending time with my children and my family. I also paint and draw.

Po: Reading another interview you did, I seen that your are really into the “Word” (Bible). What’s you favorite bible scripture and why?

My favorite scripture is Psalm 23; it’s the prayer that my dad gave and taught me as a child. It’s gotten me through a lot of hard times in my life and whenever I quote it, I find relief from any problems that I’m going through because the Lord is my Shepherd.

Po: What top three pieces of advice would you give aspiring artists?

I would say 1) Stay humble 2) Stay focused and 3) Keep God first in your life and everything else will fall into place.

Po: Now for the “politics”. Let pretend your were campaigning for the “Best Album of 2009.” What would be your campaign speech?

GRIII is one of the best R&B/ Hip/Hop albums of 2009. A future king of R&B, I’m bringing back the roots of soul music. GRIII will help my fans solve any problems and ease whatever they’re going through… take a listen.

Po: Once again, thanks for stopping by “Po Politickin”. Any last words for the readers?

I just want to thank all of my fans for their support over my past two albums. I’ve worked very hard on this third album to bring them the R&B and Hip/Hop soul music we love so much. I hope they enjoy it as much as I did making it for them.


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