Boston-based Contemporary R&B act Championz features the dynamic personalities of QUION, WILBZ, and DON P. Championz developed their signature style from exposure to the evolution of R&B. The group has developed a strong following through out New England and the Mid-Atlantic states. They each possess charismatic personalities with magnetic mass appeal.

Championz stopped by Po Politickin to discuss their music career thus far.

Po: Thanks for stopping by Po Politickin. For our first question, can you tell the listeners a little bit about yourselves?

Championz: We are a Boston based Hip Hop/R&B group who produces and writes all our own music. The members consist of Quion aka Blacktoven the Ghost Don P and Wilbz Rox. We all grew up together in the projects and pursued music individually before Quion founded Quetone Music in 2006 and recruited talent from Boston and North Carolina. naturally it was a cohesive fit and the Championz were born.

Po: Can you describe a typical day for the Championz?

Championz: A day for us is being in the studio around the clock. We live in the studio! Whether Quion is making a beat or we are writing a new song, rehearsing, pressing and packaging CD’s or answering emails and taking care of the paperwork. There is always something happening in the Championz camp! We go hard everyday and I mean everyday! We are completely immersed and dedicated to our craft, and we pride ourselves on that.

Po: Who are some of your hip-hop/R&B influences? Why?

We believe people like Run-DMC, Nas, LL Cool J, Jay Z, Dr. Dre , OutKast embody what Hip-Hop is. As for R&B we were raised on a heavy dose of Michael Jackson, Rick James, James Brown, Issac Hayes, there are so many artists that have influenced and pioneered the way for young artists & entrepreneurs like us to do what we do. We strive for excellence, and respect our rich legacy.

Po: I heard yall are born and raised in Boston. How was growing up there?

Championz: Living in Boston was something that helped shape us. Our neighborhoods were not always easy places to be, but we stayed focused. The hard times never overshadowed who we knew we could become, and made us appreciate the good days and treasure each accomplishment. We wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything. It made us the men we are today. We feel blessed to be still alive and free to do what we love because so many of our family, friends and people we grew up with do not have that anymore.

Po: How would you describe your sound?

Championz: There is no one box you could put us in because we do R&B but we have music for all audiences. We do our thing with blends of Rock & Roll elements as well. We just go into the studio and let our creative side take over with no boundaries or limitations on what we should or should not be making. As long as the end result is fire we with it. We don’t restrict ourselves to what is commercial – we just want to make great music.

Po: Can you discuss your current label situation?

Championz: QUETONE MUSIC is self contained. We have the Production, the Artist/Talent, the Facility, the Designers, and the know how so we will continue doing our thing independently until the right situation presents itself.

Po: How would you define the word “success”?

Championz: My definition of success would be Quetone Music. Building a profitable company from the ground up and making a living doing the thing I love. We are already a success.

Po: What 3 artists would you love to work with?

Championz: We would love to work with JAY-Z, Andre 3000 & 50 Cent

Po: What three artist would you refuse to work with? Why?

Championz: We can’t say that I would refuse to work with anyone. We grew up in a house with a healthy variety of music from Hip Hop to R&B to Rock so we are open to most things musically as long as the end product is a Hit Record.

Po: What are your views on people downloading music? Why should people buy vice downloading for free?

Championz: If an artist puts his or her blood sweat and tears into their project and you love it you should buy it because you are supporting the artist so that they can continue to create and perform the music that you love. Music as a form of entertainment is not expensive but so important in the lives of all. So, we hope that people won’t steal from their favorite Artist because this will take away their chance at making a living doing the thing they trained there whole life to do. This also prevents opportunities for fans to connect with their favorite artists at live shows, meet and greets, etc. and keeps them from releasing more music.

Po: Once again, thanks for stopping by PoPolitickin.. Any words for the readers, shout outs?

Championz: Everybody get ready for the Take Over! You can follow the Quetone Movement at our website Request the Championz New Single “I Bet You Fall In Love” at your local radio stations. Championz Debut album “TITLE BOUT” is dropping in October so keep your ear to the streets for that. We want to send a big shout out to: EPI, Ridgeway, RBMG, L.S.E., DANA DANE, Joe O’G, Darci Wicknick, Miss 910, Wally Sparks, DJ Addition, Cindy Diggs, Dean Cadet, to all our fans who have been holding us down love yall for that, Street Squad Bulldogs, DJ Master Sun,The hole Quetone Music Family & RIP to LiL BUNA we miss you. *oneluv*

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