A giant, make an arrow head out of one of the pyramids of Giza, kick the Tower of Pisa got it leaning.” — Joc Scholar

Joc Scholar [MC] & Centric [Producer] are… Grand Opus, the Fresno/Oakland, CA duo continue riding the 2018 “High Power” wave into 2019 with the forth release from their sophomore album, “Surf’s Up” is an absolute bar-fest featuring an assist from one of the most consistent, hard working lyricists you’ll find anywhere, Brooklynite Skyzoo. If you didn’t hear “High Power” on Dec 7, it’s available now via iTunes. 46 minutes of uninterrupted, true school Hip-Hop which includes collaborations with SkyzooBuckshotProlific and others.


• Written & Performed by Joc Scholar & Skyzoo
• Produced by Centric • Artwork by Joc Scholar

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