For every great story the starting point isn’t always the most optimistic, and when two respected, accomplished artists collaborate it doesn’t always mean there will be chemistry when distinct styles are involved, in this instance there definitely is… Boston’s M-Dot and Rapper Big Pooh of Little Brother fame drop their latest tune “The Beginning” over a soulful instrumental by Sweden’s Pause Beats, accompanied by the sultry vocals of Sabina Ddumba on the chorus making this track the ideal way to announce the upcoming Own Lane Music compilation “Stay In Your Lane Vol. 1” out March 15, 2019. The compilation is packed with notable features M-Dot & EMSChris Rivers, ArtifactsDNA, Deacon The Villain, J.Cardim and more.


• Written & Performed by M-Dot & Rapper Big Pooh
• Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Pause Beats

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