Real rap, real rap.. “Dear Ghetto” from Bobby Creekwater’s “Back to Briefcase 2 – The B Side” that drops on March 4, 2010.

Here is what Fray Wall, the director of Dear Ghetto, had to say about the video…

“As soon as I heard this track Dear Ghetto, I instantly knew the visuals I wanted to use that would complement the soulful, laid back feel that comes across from the sample to Creek’s smooth and seamless delivery.

I love shooting areas in Atlanta that doesn’t fit the “Typical ATL Video Location.” Even if you’ve never been to Atlanta, all you need to do is watch a few urban music videos based in “DA A” and you’ll be exposed to an array of clubs, strip clubs, da trap house, Old National Blvd, Peachtree Street, etc. And I do love all that shit, but I think it’s important to showcase landmarks of Atlanta that are under exposed.

We shot the entire video off Luckie Street at around 2 AM. Growing up in NYC, rarely do you see the street completely empty, as a matter of fact you NEVER see the streets empty in New York (unless Tom Cruise or Will Smith is on set), so I had to take advantage. I wanted to portray a big city feel but still concentrate on keeping all the attention on Bobby Creekwater as he reintroduces himself visually to his fans; it is definitely a different feel.

Bobby Creekwater wasn’t quite sure what I had in mind for this video, but when he showed up to my warehouse the night of the shoot with a face full of hair giving him a more rugged contemporary look, I knew we had inadvertently been thrown on the same page.

We shot on the Canon 5d Mark II which made the shoot easy and more play than work for me. I’ve shot with the Mark II a few times before but never at night. I enjoyed it just as much if not more than during the day. It works GREAT in natural settings, and easily gave me the cinematic look I was going for.

Our total shoot time may have been 2-3 hours, and we shot in a 5-7 block radius of downtown Atlanta, but it was all that we needed. With everything I do, I try and take a minimalist approach and make the most of a small setting.

By the way, the good folks at Landmark Diner were cool enough to let us shoot in their location even without any pre-warning or scheduling.”

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