Dreamsblend and Po Politickin present San Andreas Fault Volume One. The compilation will feature the best of the new West Coast, along with the hottest indie rappers in the game. The tape will be available for free download on 11/16/10. The tape will be hosted by Green Your Green Up recording artist Roccett and mixed by DJPete Blue.

About Roccett:

Born Jerome Rockett in 1983 and raised in the rugged streets of East Side Carson, Calif., 22-year-old MC learned about stress and work hard at a young age The rough surroundings of crime and gangs in Carson molded Roccett into a strong individual and gave him the experience necessary to share the struggle to what many people face after his first dream of a basketball career did not materialize, he discovered that he beggede enpassion for hip-hop at age 16 with his eyes clearly on his new goal, he began to build the foundation for his success by performing shows throughout Los Angeles

His talent and drive caught the attention of Green Entertainment in 2004 and his workwork with companies who have worked Wed celebrities as Usher and Tupac has produced a considerable buzz with already worked with established stars like Young Jeezy Fabolous Killer Mike Knoc’turn’al and other rising rappers such as Bishop Lamont and Spider Loc at this young stage of his career and has been critically acclaimed mixtapes under his belt Roccett talent is clear

With so many dues paid his industry knowledge and the groundwork has Roccett is ready to make a lasting impression on hip-hop

Bio Written by: Will contact: bigwill @ westcoastrydazcom

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