Bumps in the Road

What’s good people. I’m still on a video tirade right now. I’m in the process of getting two vids shot which will be to lead off the new album coming real soon clld CHANEMUSICK. The vids that we are shooting are for the trax CHANESAW and STEREOTYPE. The album is really dope. Its vintage hiphop and will remind you of an album from the 90s era with some futuristic twists. Every title has my name in it too. So biggups to ya boi as well…….lol

Here is the tracklisting for now, however, the order may change before its actually released:

1. Intro feat Agueda Ramirez
2. Stereotype-video
5. Chane of Thought
3. Chane of Events
4. Chane Smoking
6. Poopstank
7. Iceberg Chanes
8. Undeniable Chanes feat Agueda Ramirez
9. Channed. Down
10. ChaneSaw

Media Month

What’s good everyone. I hope all is well. Right now I’m still getting my media on recording videos like crazy. I got an exclusive coming for Po in a few days so be sure to stay posted on the latest from Chanes. You already…. Also with that being sd the Shadyville Djs Bklyns Own DjGMac presents InterCHANEgable mixtape. It will be available fore free download on Sept.4th. So please get yer copy. It has full songs and freestyles as well over some of the freshest hiphop tracks. After that will follow my RNB mixtape. And lastly a joint called FUTURAMA. Ya gotta luv it!
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