Yea the KING OF NEW TALK Mixtape is being finalized now. Just tightening up the arrangements and tieing up any loose ends as well. This should be fun yall. The tracks are to popular trax of today, however, it is not without a few suprises either. Also the sixteens are crazy and the songs are even crazier. Yea that’s right brand new songs on someone elses track. Yea, that’s how we get down. So even though you get a bit of the olda, you still get something new. And that’s what I’m all about doing things differently and being unconventional. There will be others and the whole project will called ALL HAIL THE KING!!!! I also got some shows poppin off in NYC and may even be performing at the Bikefest in South Carolina if things pan out. Put on ya track shoes and prepare yourself for a good run. Lata!
VM: 347.583.6658

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