What’s good everyone? This blog is about what’s to come. A new year is about to upon on us, and that means what we did the year before, can’t be done again. Its time to grind even harder. For me, that means more studio time. And yeah I finally pieced together my own set up to record all my mixtapes myself. And it also means being a better father and a fiance as well. All those things will make me a better person in general, and at the end of the day, that’s what its all about for me. Everything else will fall in place God willing. The Earthquake single will be digitally distributed by Island/Def Jam in January 2010, so that’s definitely a good look. In addition to that, I will also be releasing three albums in 2010 as well in addition to the mixtapes I didn’t get a chance to complete this year as well. So Po you already know, I got u homie!!!! So yeah I’m starting things off with a bang. I also have a track that will be accompanied with a video and I’m sure that will stir things up a bit as well. I also got a new style that I will be introducing called NEW TALK and I am THE KING OF NEW TALK, so look out for that. If you haven’t check out these links:


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