What’s good everyone? I hope all is well. This blog is about the direction I’m heading in with my music. My material is always conscience based which I am very proud of because I believe you must say something important when given this huge platform to express yourself. I am about to release some material that will most likely stir up some controversely in addition to make some heads take notice. Hiphop started out based on competition. The media and sensationalists have turned that into “beef”, and have huge amounts of money off of it. There is nothing wrong with a lil friendly fire. It keeps you on top of your game and sharpens your skills as well. Some people are going to be tite……lol. My roots started off as a battle rapper n e wayz. I can make a pop record and that’s only a record that’s popular. You have know the business in order to be able to navigate thru it successfully and make profit. Stay tuned for more, its going to be a crazy ride. Lata!

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