What’s good? I hope all is well with everyone. Right now I’m about to embark on a recording frenzy after a good hiatus. Luckily I was able to do videos to keep visible to my supporters and the industry as well. Still playing the waiting game with the labels but nevertheless, I’m still on my grind ya know. My manager told me obstacles are the steps opportunity and I really listened to those words and I live by them. He’s exactly right. Eventually the hard work and effort I put into doing music will pay off. Imma keep grinding, doing me ya know. A lot of times it seems like there is a dark cloud over my head, but the sun always shines at the nd of the day. Positive thinking and surrounding myself with the right folks has helped me get thru what seemed like some impoosible missions. My family is doing great and I have my health and strength and that alone is a blessing from God. I know I will be successfull as long as I keep my eyes on the prize. You should do the same. When you fall into a depressed state about whatever your particuar issues may be, it takes away from yer focus and goals. We will have bad days, but the key is making sure you have more good than bad. We may make some mistakes, we just try not to make a hundred of them ya know. So with that being sd check out my facebook page and become a fan of mine. Also check out these links as well:



And look for more blogs and exciting news from me as well. I am also going to be shooting some more vids real soon before the new year is out as well. Remember, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

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