What’s good everyone. Yea we in the midst of dropping that KING OF NEW TALK MIXYAPE. Pure fiyah, you already. Leading off that journey is the first LEAK track called “Something To Talk About”. I was inspired to reference this song because of my mother, may she rest in peace. I recall this was one of her favorite records by Bonnie Rait. I thought about the statement the record made as well. And in reality, you have to give the people “something to talk about” to get noticed. You got to put the right words or have that catchy hook to get the attention of the listener. So what better way to capture that moment than by writing a song about it. Works for me! New talk is crazy. Just imagine Hd in wax. Pictures, referencing old and new situation, catch phrases, real hip hop shit. Going back to when niggas made you rewind to catch what he was saying. And at the same time, the tracks are crazy. Big ups to Mannie the Don for producing the album and also Po for overseeing marketing and promotion. So yea I hope you enjoy, feedback is appreciated and utilized. Be safe, and be well. UNO!

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