What’s good everyone? I hope all is well. I got caught up in some bullshit again with the police. That’s the second time in a year. I had a case in the county of Kings pending my behavior was good for 6 months and now it may be reopened cause of what happened in NYC. I can’t really speak on things, but if you check out my vids and listen to my music, you will know what it is. I get it in. I’m a FATHER, FIANCE, BUSINESS OWNER, and a HUSTLER in every sense of the word. My story is real and because of that I hope you get a genuine with who I am and what I been through. The KING OF NEW TALK project is my best piece of work thus far. It chronicles my life upclose in addition to adding something to this culture we call HIPHOP. Embrace it, and lemme know your thoughts. One Hundred!

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