Real Talk

What’s good everyone, I hope all is well. I went back to my hood where I raised and it brought back how real music and being successful is to me. Not one person I ran into was working. Its crazy. I mean they are actively looking, but they haven’t found anything yet. My best homie is about to do ten years in prison for an attempted murder charge and the economy in the hood is rising. Not only is rent high but the neighborhood is evolving and the people aren’t. When this imbalance exists, its brings on hardship which will lead to desperation and criminal activities as well. People are going to get by somehow. I get stopped frequently whether it be to question my am I still doing music or for the print ads i have been on as well. It feels good cause maybe I am that spark of hope that can make a difference in my hood. Maybe others will regain their focus and go harder than they have been as well. I know things will get better. But I’m still faced with that inevitable question-WHEN? Really we can only answer that question when we each hold ourselves accountable for our actions and what can become of them. I felt like dropping some shit on yall. I hope these words affect you in a positive way.

Forging relationships

What’s good everyone? I hope all is well! This blog is about not burning bridges and forging relationships which is very important in the music business. As a result I have another album being released on Itunes called CHANEMUSICK. Look for that late July. Shameless plug, I know……lol. But anyway, I also have more blogs, interviews, placements and projects coming up as well because I network and meet people who introduce me to other people. That’s how it works really. You have to be “in the know” nowadays. That keeps you relevant and not only that it builds healthy relationships as well. Nobody wants to work with a dickhead. I am humble yet consistent as far as how I approach things. I get it done because this is what I want my career to be. Soon I will be committed contractually, but the work I put in as an independent artist is so rewarding because I know my grass roots efforts lead to the deal. Just a lil insight for you. Some food for thought ya know. CHANES! Oh yeah look for that Shadyville Dj mixtape called InterCHANESable, coming to a download site near you. Po you already know, you got that!

Technical Difficulties

What’s good everyone? Yeah as always I must keep it funky and let you know what’s really good in the pursuit of getting my dreams out. I had my producer come thru to the crib today so we could configure the studio. The plan is to record vocals on the crib as I just get fed beats. Mixtapes, songs, features, albums, its all good. And now it would be easier cause I could record whenever I wanted to. Although my normal studio access is free of charge, sometimes think come up and I have to reschedule. Well anyway we go to set it up and I notice some of the buttons are stuck on the wireless keyboard. Because the computer is password protected, we needed that keyboard. No conventional keyboard in site . Everything is go-protools Cd, MICiprofessional, MIC guard, but no damn access to anything. Come to find out my son spilled juice and the keyboard was out of commission because of it. Terrible Two’s say hello to me on Sept 14th, my sons BDAY. This is advanced warning. Lata yall……lol

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