Blog 3: The Waiting Game

What’s good people? As you know I am still grinding it out. Getting these songs done, doing mixtapes, and features, etc…… However, I did get several responses from some labels you probably heard of and that just let’s me know my hard work is paying off. I am still shooting for my goal of releasing three albums in 2009 as well. My debut album if you didn’t know is on Itunes and as well rite now. Its called TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT. My second album is coming out in July. And the third one is actually being finalized as well. So no I’m not playing the waiting game. I’m taking my future in my own hands doing my indie thing ya know! Imma keep it funky though, getting a deal in place would be wonderful, but my love of the music supersedes me doing something irrational as opposed to letting the right situation come along. Until next time, be good. One!

Blog 4: Supergroup

What’s good everyone? I hope all is well. This blog is about the newly formed supergroup I am member of called the Khemlab. We are an assortment of emcees from North Carolina, Chicago, Ohio, NY,Texas as well. We actually all participated on a mixtape called OFFSHORE DRILLING. The tape has been getting received well , and it also landed #34 on the CMJ charts as well. That’s a good look in the college market. Also, I would like to thank Po for sending me the info to be apart of this project as well. Thanks again Po! Look for that ‘Khemlab mixtape and also our myspace page coming soon, so you can check us out! Lata!

Blog 5: Remembering MJ
What’s good everyone. This blog is a special one because I’m jumping off my soapbox today to acknowledge the death of one of the biggest icons in history. As you know Michael Jackson passed away from cardiac arrest on June 25, 2009. He will be missed not only by his family, but also by the many people he influenced with his incredible presence and talent as well. I can’t even front this disturbed me the whole day because Mike was in the process of making a comeback by releasing an album as well as a comeback tour as well. I believe that he would’ve made people love him again, after he put through the ringer with the abuse cases. We all know these were plots for his money, and that he was in a position where he really had no wins. When you’re an entertainer its cool, but when you’re an African American entertainer, it seems like your life is put under a microscope. Such scrutiny would get anyone stressed out to the point where you even entertain the media and their attempts to get into your personal space. This explains why Mike acted like he was going to toss the baby off of the balcony as well. I believe from the beginning, Mike wanted to be accepted and when he was , it was kinda hard for him to have a private life. He was always surrounded by a fleet of security and covering his face from the air supposedly. I believe he just wanted some privacy. He related to children because he never had a chance to grow up as normal children would as well. However, what matters the most is what they will never be able to take away from him, and that was the incredible talents he possessed. Mike is not only a dance, but a music icon as well. The Chris Browns, O marions, and even Usher have all been inspired by his moves. As far as music no one has sold as many albums as he did , with Thriller either. Try 26 million albums. That is till utterly amazing. I hope this blog rekindled your best MJ moment. Say a prayer for his family, who suffered a tremendous, and also pray that his children carry on his legacy in whatever their chosen fields are as well. Ya’ll take care and be good. Lata!

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