In preparation for this week’s Rock Steady Crew 32nd Anniversary Celebration (July 22-26), DJ Whoo Kid met legendary B-boy Crazy Legs at 320 Studios in New York for a battle that will surely go down in history! Whether or not it’s good history is yet to be determined, but you won’t soon forget this one!!

Watch as Whoo Kid pits his dance prowess against Crazy Legs and Step Up 2 The Streets star Mari Koda. Witness the [literally] groundbreaking acrobatics and showmanship! Watch what the “overly under-qualified” judges (including DJ Mandog and SRC/Universal artist Kaze) were all too scared to talk about until now!

After the battle, Crazy Legs gives Whoo Kid some insight on over three decades of Hip Hop dance. Did Legs really battle Turbo from Breakin’? Will we ever catch him doing the Stanky Leg? How did B-boys go from stick-up kids to dancing? And what exactly did he find in Whoo Kid’s wallet?

Find out these answers and more in this exclusive, directed by noneother than DanTheMan!

By: Dove ~Sheepish Lordess of Chaos~

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