HerStory EP is a short but sweet project consisting of 6 songs all produced by Idasa Tariq. Dominique Larue is very conceptual on this project with Idasa’s soulful sampling and hard drums that really brings this project to life. Dominique continues to bring dope lyrics that are very thought-provoking with Idasa providing a couple verses and Kansas emcee, Stik Figa comes through for a feature.

Dominique’s goal with this project is to let people know that life is more than what TV tells us and to learn about HerStory or Their Story or Your Story or Our Story, we know enough about His Story. But don’t get it twisted, this project is not a HerStory lesson, Larue just wants to get a couple things off her chest and encourage people to broaden their horizons. Please be advised that you are in for a treat with HerStory.

01.) She (Produced By Idasa Tariq)
02.) I Want You (feat. Idasa Tariq) (Produced By Idasa Tariq)
03.) Let Em Know (Produced By Idasa Tariq)
04.) Batter Up (Produced By Idasa Tariq)
05.) Maxine (Produced By Idasa Tariq)
06.) Lazy Afternoon (feat. Stik Figa) (Produced By Idasa Tariq)

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