In this episode of PoPolitickin, we are joined by Zenshi The Aerial Artist.

Entering Major League Wrestling as a double champion in South America, Zenshi is one of South America’s most decorated luchadores. Holding the Chile Lucha Libre International All Star Championship for a record 5 years (and counting!) and Peru’s LWA International Championship, the aerial artist is a perennial main eventer in South America. Originally from Atlanta, the tecnico luchador relocated a few years ago to South America on a journey of enlightenment. Now calling Santiago, Chile home, Zenshi reemerges in America as a transformed fighter. Honoring the bushido code and balancing his fighting and training with the power of zen, the luchador is a peaceful albeit dangerous opponent. Wearing a colorful mask, the high flying luchador is one of South America’s most popular fighting athletes. Thrilling fans and overwhelming opponents with gravity defying attacks, Zenshi is South America’s premier luchador.

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