I got the call at 11:49 last night. It was my cousin on the line. I was watching the George Lopez show. Then I heard the words ‘Brett Favre got traded to the Jets’. It took me about five minutes after repeatedly saying, “Stop lying, you are not serious, ” to finally change the channel to ESPN. I saw the words on the screen, “Breaking News, Favre traded to Jets and something unusual happened. I became speechless, I didn’t know what to say. It was surreal, seeing those words on the screen. Brett Favre is a New York Jet.

Considering that I am not too fond about Brett Favre, I didn’t think I would be too excited. But you know what I am excited for a few reasons. My love and excitement for my favorite team this season is back, as this means Chad Pennington, the black cloud of neutrality that hovered over this team is gone. We have a QB who will make life easier for all of our offensive players. I’m sure Thomas Jones is happy. How could he not be? He won’t be running against the whole state of NY in the box anymore. I’m sure Jerricho Cotchery is excited, as this is the first time he is playing with a legit quarterback, and his numbers stand for an increase. Laveranues Coles might not be too happy considering his best friend on the team is a casualty in the matter, but this is the first time he’s played with a legitimate QB in his eight year career. Maybe we will see what Coles can do deep down the field.

From an entertainment standpoint, this should be a great season. Watching Favre launch the ball to our two solid WRs, watching Dustin Keller develop (if everything goes as planned this kid could be the Offensive Rookie of the Year), as well as watching the defense confuse and sometimes flat out brutalize people.

The Jets have a lot of good young talent. They have CB Darrelle Revis, S Kerry Rhodes, LB Calvin Pace, LB Vernon Gholston, WR Jerricho Cotchery OL D’Brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold, HB Leon Washington. Basically the only gaping hole on this team was QB, and they managed to get a top 10 QB in the league to fill this spot, which is good even if Favre is 39.

Am I convinced that this team can win a Superbowl? No, I am not. Do I respect the fact that Mike Tannebaum and Eric Mangini seem to be trying? Yes. They have done so much to improve the team this offseason, meanwhile the critics call us desperate among other things. I love that when the Jets make a lot of moves, they are desperate while the Patriots (last season) and the Saints (this season) make moves and they are “on a mission”. Anyway, back to the point, the Jets have improved their running game, they improved the pass rush as well and now the QB position. On paper (and yes I know the games aren’t played there), this was a good move for the Jets. Its a ballsy move, as Tannebaum obviously believes this team is capable of big things, or they were just as sick of Chad Pennington as I was while Clemens isn’t ready or isn’t the answer. It’s a low risk, high reward move for the Jets.

As far as the negatives for this deal,it looks like Kellen Clemens won’t be playing for the Jets until at least next season, or he might flat out not be the answer. Our QB of the future, by the looks of it, still has to be found. You have to wonder if Favre will have his heart into it, since New York was his absolute last choice by all accounts. He has three weeks to learn the offense, and he isn’t used to any of our guys. All that being said, Brett Favre running an offense straight out of a football movie is better than Chad Pennington. This is a big time move and finally our Front Office and our coach grew a collective pair of balls. My joy and love for football is back as I can watch this team again. Thank you Mike Tannebaum.

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