Hailing from Charlotte NC with roots in Connecticut, The Breadrin
represent the new face of hip-hop. Multi-regional and multi-talented,
brothers Chemical and Justice along with long time friend Enforcer are
in the process of carving out their own niche in hip-hop and in the

Chemical sat down to speak with Po Politickin to talk about how
the group came together and how they feel about the current hip-hop

How did the group The Breadrin come about?

We became about first, the Brothers (chemical &Justice) then became
the Breadrin after being joined with childhood friend the enforcer

What sets the group apart from other acts right now?

Reality, we refuse to talk about things that are far fetched from our
life, or lifestyle. everything you get from us is reality. It’s the
blood behind the words.

What are you working on right now as a group? Mixtape, album?

We Just finished “Everything or Nothing” vol.2 the mixtape, now we’re
working on original music for our upcoming album..

Describe the voices of the group?

Working, on point and focused.. Enforcer is the heart of the group. He
keeps it 100 til the death! No matter what Enforcer is going to keep
it 100. And I’m the blood I keeps it flowing we all need each other
but at the same time we all play our part and each others part as well

What do you feel like the group can bring to the game different?

A breath of fresh air! We bring hunger, passion, and reality.

Talk about the Charlotte N.C scene. What’s it like for artists in the
city? Is there support?

We get love Because everyone feels us. Getting on in Charlotte is like
pulling teeth. From day one the one’s who have blown up that are from
here had to go outside of Charlotte and then come back. The support is
really thin. Its not a solid movement like u have in ATL or Texas or

What do you feel about the industry right now? Do you feel like you
can fit in the current landscape?

It’s hurting right now truthfully. Artists act like getting a little
money is the only reason for spitting, or getting in the game. There’s
no love, only whatever sales you get or whatever is hot for the
moment. There’s no long term commitments. I feel that we are what’s
next and/or now in the game. We are what it needs. the truth, hunger
and passion in what we do is because we love it like it’s our own
child so to speak we can get it In, but also fit in. How it is. Now.
not like we’re like them puppets We Will always have Good lyrical

Interview by: Mehka, edandchief of lastwordonline.net
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