Recently, hip hop became the recipient of a one of a kind EP from up & coming artist out of Virginia who goes by the name of ill Will. The title of the EP is “Root of My Love” and is sponsored by the great folks over at and was executive produced by the popular DC/MD/VA based producer’s of Best Kept Secret, but also features two tracks by another local producer Soulful. What can you expect from this EP? You can expect truth, passion & an artist who is truly lyricial.

When asked why should fans of hip hop should take some time out and listen to “Root of My Love”, ill Will states “I bring the truth back to music and the creativity an artist should have at all times”. When your listening to the EP and realize the 8th track is the end, you will want to keep pressing the rewind button. ill Will leaves you wanting more and wondering where this 18 year old get’s his inspiration from. He’s not your average “18 year old”, he studies his craft everyday and that will come across in this very personal body of work to date for him. The leading single from this EP is “Music Soul”, which is comprised of some GoGo elements, produced by Best Kept Secret.

To download “Root of My Love” please click HERE

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