Milwaukee, Wisconsin artist Chico Manolo presents “They Be On Me”, the new Mammyth-produced single from JAPAN, his forthcoming album featuring Faze G and Jakhaan. Chico Manolo previous releases include independently produced “Black Art”, later followed by “Power” (YouTube). Chico says the track is “a confidence booster. I like making songs that exude in confidence and inspire me with a groovy feel.”

What can you tell us about the track “They Be on Me”? What was your inspiration? Thoughts behind the hook? Music video? 

They be on me is my affirmation song. I Started making confident music that matched my personality to be true to who I am. People either gone love it or hate it but I hope I can make others feel better about themselves and create a different vibe that sounds appealing. 

How has growing up in Milwaukee influenced your style of music? 

It made me who I am. I don’t have the traditional today’s Milwaukee sound, I’m in a lane of my own, but I bring the nostalgic player music that Milwaukee created back in the day. 

Who are you often compared to? why? How do you distinguish yourself from those artists?

People say I sound like Big Sean and Lil Wayne, crazy right, very good comparisons I’m not complaining at all lol. Although I hear both of their voices in mine at times I still have a different style and distinctive voice. One thing we all have in common though is our ability to be real metaphor and wordplay heavy. I do think I can be a little more diverse in my music style in my opinion. But they are very elite artist and I’m very inspired by the two and thrive to be on their level someday. 

What are your thoughts on the industry today? 

It’s expanding everyday. There’s so many different styles of rap alone it’s something for everybody now a days. It’s a DIY game so anybody who put in the work in effort to make it can with social media. I love it. 

What can we expect to see/hear from you in the future as far as new projects?  

Japan (Album) coming soon May 10, 2021.  Indie film stolliez dropping summer/fall of  2021 and Cameo in The showtime series The Chi Season 4. 

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