Jully Black is a true Canadian Icon. Named as one of ‘The 25 Greatest Canadian Singers Ever’, (CBC Music) she has been dubbed ‘Canada’s Queen of R&B Soul’ by her fans and peers. As a platinum selling recording artist, her music career has yielded multiple singles reaching the Top 10 pop, R&B and dance music charts. She has taken home multiple Juno Awards, earned many industry accolades and was hand selected to sing for the Queen of England.

Q1 – Thanks for stopping by to politick with us. I was reading that you are originally from Canada? Where abouts? Can you discuss your background and how you fell in love with music?

It’s my honour! Yes, indeed I’m a Toronto native, the youngest of 9 children born a twin and first generation Canadian. My parents are both from the beautiful island of Jamaica. Music found me at the tender age of 6 in the Pentecostal church! I feel completely in love with music after hearing Whitney Houston’s song “Saving all my love for you!” Even though the subject matter was way to grown for me I knew I wanted to sing just like her!

Q2 – Can you talk about your name, how you got it,etc?        

My birth name is Jullyann and of course many call me Jully (pronounced Julie). The “Black” part of my name was given to me by my very first manager who I won’t name as he’s gotten mixed up in some criminal activity in the recent past. Once he got be a deal with Epic Records we needed a stage for me so he started to describe my voice in his own words and basically he said my voice at the age of 14 was sultry yes raspy and powerful then boom he said “it’s Black, it’s Jully Black” and it stuck even though I hated it the first year or so.

Q3 – Who would you compare your self to musically?  

Nobody at all! I have stage influences like Tina Turner But vocally I am uniquely Jully Black.

Q4 – Who is your most dedicated and loyal fan?

I’d say my best friend of 23 years Nwafor-Robinson who is also the co-founder of our Women’s and Girls Empowerment organization Empowered In my skin

Q5 – Can you discuss your current projects and plans for rest of  ’19?

I just released a blazing anthem called “Follow Your Love” that we’re preparing to shoot the video for. I took some time to reflect after my Mother passed away November 29th, 2017 and now I’m back in the studio writing again as I’m itching to release a full project again.
I also have a radio show I do weekly called “The Black Out” on NewsTalk 1010. I also founded a health and fitness movement called “100 Strong and Sexy” where we are getting healthy and restoring Faith in Female Friendships.

Q6 –  Can you describe why you came out with “Follow Yor Love” now? Is there a music video for it?

I had a burning desire to be apart of the solution and help the people of the world to feel phenomenal again and so what better medicine to use but the music.

Q7 – If someone never heard your music before, what is the first song that you would want them to hear?

For the HipHop heads I’d play “Heaven” For the masses “7 Day Fool.”For the youth “Follow Your Love”

Q8 – How was it working with Nas on the God Son album? Who else have you worked with?      

Working with Nas was incredible in a very serene way. He schooled me on the business in ways only he could. I’ll cherish our collaboration forever.
I’ve worked with so many people over the span of my career. A did a bunch of dance hall features with Bounty Killer, Baby Sham, Demarco, Lady Saw,Tanya Stephens, Sean and Paul. Wrote for Destiny’s Child and more!

Q9 – Thanks for coming thru. Anymore words for the readers, where can we check out more of your music?

it’s my honour! I’d like to thank you all for taking the time to read this article and to encourage you all to find your “Why” in life and use it a vehicle to get you to a place where living your best life is the only option.

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