Lodi, New Jersey rapper and Elite Fleet Gang co-founder Just Bizarre presents his new single “Wine Pon Mi” produced by JP Soundz from his new project Yabang Youth. In Tagalog, “Yabang” (pronounced Yah-bong) means a showoff. He also released 2 music videos for “Young Frankenstein” (watch) off Yabang Youth and “Last Forever” (watch) and a freestyle to Iamsu!’s “Boss Up” (watch). In 2015, he released the single “Dance With Me” (listen). A child of Filipino immigrants, Biz released his first mixtape The View in 2010, followed by Legendary, then The View 2 hosted by the Fleet DJs (listen), then Legendary 2 (listen), hosted by DJ Onpoint, Mobb Deep’s official tour DJ who hosted Joe Budden’s MM3 and J. Cole’s The Come Up. Biz has collaborated with Chiddy of Chiddy Bang and shared stages with Cyhi The Prynce and Joell Ortiz. Biz says about the new single “When I first heard the beat, I instantly fell in love with it. Such a great vibe, it brought me to the islands and I wanted to make a dancehall type of club banger. The song was inspired by all the times I’ve been in a club or party and the DJ starts the reggae set and you see that girl wining that body and you just got to walk up on it and dance with her. This song is off my newest project titled Yabang Youth which dropped last summer. This track has a summer vibe and a lot of people really dig this track so that’s why I decided to push the record for it to hopefully click this summer. Currently I’ve been doing a lot of shows all over NJ and NYC, also hosting parties in my clubs and lounges where they play this track. Currently I’m working on new material. Looking to put out an EP soon.”

We last heard from you with your “Dance With Me” joint a while back. In a musical time when it seems like so many artists are so serious, it’s a beautiful thing to come in with the motivation to make people dance. How do you think that developed for you?

Plain and simple, I love to dance and bring good vibes, that’s what I was aiming to do with this new “Wine Pon Mi” record. We always bring the party. I love getting the girls to smile and dance, that’s what this player is all about.

You’ve been doing a lot of shows in the tri-state. What are the differing reactions?

They’ve been showing me a lot of love. People want to know who I am when I get off stage so it’s all love. They follow me on my social media and want my newest cd “Yabang Youth” so it’s cool to make those sales and connections. Every show opens the next door to new opportunities. Shout out to Brooklyn, they been showing hella love. Recently won a showcase with Digiwaxx out there. Got some more stuff lined up out there so we just working.

What do you think hiphop will sound like in ten years?

You know, I’m not too sure, hopefully still fun. Still making people dance and laugh, still pushing the limits. Hopefully being run by me and the gang! Hopefully well balanced with fun care free acts and also new bars and punches never heard before.

Who do you think is the most influential artist of the last year?

I would say Future or Drake, they had big years and are huge influences within the culture. They’re always bringing heat. Wiz up there too. I follow and study these guys’ moves and it motivates me to go harder and strive for more.

What’s your beat selection process? Do you have producers you prefer to work with?

It just has to be the right vibe with the mood I’m feeling. It can’t sound too generic. I’m weird, I get on all kind of beats if you listen to my catalogue, you’ll notice that. I like keeping people on their toes. Once you think you got me figured out, I go left with it. As far as producers, I got a couple of young homies who are always cooking up. I tap in with them and see what they got every now and then. I also like what Cvlt Corp. is doing, I copped a few beats from them recently, found them on Traktrain.

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