Shellz is a lyricist, songwriter, and a visual artist out of MA. Her cultured background in music, includes: Hip Hop, Dancehall, Reggae, Gospel and much more. Born in Boston, Shellz is determined to make her mark, and rise with her city of champions.

Growing up in a church choir prepared Shellz with the skills to compose, create vibes, and write songs. Starting her DJ career in 2007, the original DJ Shellz, always had an ear for good music. Shellz would DJ the hottest Reggae and Hip Hop hits around various venues. Shellz is also known for starting up a cypher wherever she goes. When she realized how impactful this was, she knew it was time to write the bars down and record and get her music out to the masses.

Shellz is currently penetrating the music industry to market her skills as a Songwriter. Consistently working on new projects, in 2018 Shellz released her first: single, mixtape, EP, and music video. She works very closely with local artists while recording at The SelfMade Designs. Collaboratively she writes songs, performs, and has been a major ambassador to the movement of Supports Local Artists. In November 2018 she put together her very first Showcase “Liquid Dreams”. Her newest release is “Slide” which drops worldwide 2/22/19 and will be at SXSW from March 8th – March 17th
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Q1 – Thanks for stopping by to politick with us. I was reading that you are originally from Massachussetts? Where abouts? Can you discuss your background and how you fell in love with music?

Yeah! Boston made me, Brockton raised me. I’m from the city of champions, the 508

I’m Haitian-American and I have a very diverse background. I began writing poems and songs in middle school. Then I began selling mix cds and teaching the choir in high school. By senior year I was dj-ing at Haitian parties, high school events, and dancehall parties!

My passion for music was built from my family and church. I fell in love with the way music feels.

Q2 – Can you talk about your name, how you got it,etc?

Shellz with a Z!

When I was younger the boys from my church named me Shizza. Then when my girls and I made our own nicknames, and I chose “Shellz” because I always wore them in my hair. I then developed to DJ Shellz and Shellz the artist you see today.


Q3 – Who would you compare your self to musically?      

I would compare myself to Missy Elliott, Lauryn Hill, Estelle, to name a few.


Q4 – Who is your most dedicated and loyal fan? (Excluding family members)

The Can of Corn – An Artrepreneur at the SelfMade Designs in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Q5 – Can you discuss your current projects and plans for rest of  ’19?

I’m currently enjoying my new single “Slide” while adding finishing touches to my mixtape “Thirst Trap Soul”! I have a few international tunes coming out with some features as well so stay tuned.

Q6 –  Can you describe why you came out with “Slide” now? Is there a music video for it?

Slide is a song describing the confidence a woman has in the person who she calls “daddy” that isn’t her father. However, that doesn’t mean the relationship is as perfect as it makes her feel. That story like is displayed in the music video.

“Slide” Music Video coming soon! You can see the Behind The Scenes Video on YouTube now!

Q7 – If someone never heard your music before, what is the first song that you would want them to hear?

Slide!!! Available on all platforms.

Q8 – Have you worked with any famous producers, artists?         

I consider the local artists and producers where I’m from famous! I’ve worked with FreshFromDE, Chuck Kennedy, CohibaSeason, A1, King Crosse, Ja’dore, and NeezyBeatz. I’m always down to work with dope producers; famous or not.

Q9 – Thanks for coming thru. Anymore words for the readers, where can we check out more of your music?

Thanks for everything! Find me on Instagram @DJShellz! My mission is to spread love through Art and Music, and Viciouz Society and I are going to make it happen! 100%

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