Bay Area rapper, songwriter, record producer and actor Troyman presents “YKTV”, his new single produced by Jacko. His performances as a top finalist on Netflix’ first ever hip hop series competition Rhythm + Flow sent his Tay Keith-produced song “Streetlights” (watch his performance on Youtube) viral. He followed “Streetlights” up with “Blessings” featuring fellow Rhythm + Flow contestant Londynn B, which he followed up in turn with his 2020 EP Insomniac. Relocating to Atlanta as a teen, Troyman began rapping at age 16, releasing his debut album A.P.R.I.L. (A Period of Infinite Life) after the devastating loss of his mother. Troyman also won first place on BET’s 106 & Park “Wild Out Wednesday”, Best Independent Hip Hop Artist in 2009’s MTV’s Atlanta’s Best Independent Artist/Rock Your Fashion Campaign, being recognized by Lee Bailey of EUR as a 1st place winner at Uplifting Minds Talent Competition (LA) and the 2013 Best Male Hip Hop Artist recipient at The Atlanta Underground Music Awards. “I was inspired to make YKTV after being on a trip in Miami and wanting to manifest the lifestyle that I was experiencing for a brief moment,” Troyman says. “I wanted to express the energy I felt while hitting the nightlife, yachting and dialoguing with some wealthy associates. It let me know that I can have whatever I want in life with hard work and dedication.”

How have you been staying occupied and healthy during the pandemic? How do you feel an all-encompassing event such as this one has affected your art? 

It’s been tough, but a lot of water and cooking at home. Quarantine will truly test your at home skills almost overnight. Tons of creating music. Lots of reading. I’ve been affected by it by not truly being able to interact and do shows for my fans in person. My art is truly built around the stage and my fans know that. Hopefully the dynamic of 2021 is a lot different. 

In what ways did you see your life change after the Rhythm + Flow experience? Have there been any negative impacts?
After R+F was the hard part. Coming back and keeping the momentum going was a challenge. Separating myself from the show is still an ongoing thing. Not necessarily an issue, but I need people to know me as Troyman, not just that kid from the show. In due time I’m sure we’ll see those results with the music and content coming out.

What can we expect from Godspeed?
GODSPEED is a true thrill. But it’s also an acronym. Guiding Ones Determination, Spitituality, Perseverance, Endurance, Empathy, and Drive. Throughout the project I inspire to eliminate fear, deliver self dedication, accept uniqueness of oneself, to keep dreaming and much more. I play it over and over. Hope you guys enjoy it. 

What’s a life motto you try to live by and why?
“There shouldn’t be a plan B because it distracts from Plan A.” and “He who says he can, and he who says he can’t are both usually right.” These two in particular only because of how much repeating them to yourself can push you to keep believing in yourself in every way. Your dreams and your abilities. 

What’s the number one thing you learned from 2020?
2020 was literally the year of perfect vision. I’ve lost a lot of friends. Gained some great ones. Everything feels somewhat perfect despite some circumstances. 2020 taught me life is a gift and can be taken away in an instant. This year carried so much death which made me appreciate life from a whole different perspective.

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