Brooklyn, New York artist Xanny Clips presents “Touch Down”, his new single featuring Nick Fresh, produced by Loesoe. The video was edited by Ed The Editor. “Touch Down” will appear on Xanny’s forthcoming EP Asexual Music, set to feature appearances from Runi Stackz and Geaz as well as production from Kairo, Flymelodies, Xport, Kgz and Trvpyyy. “Touch Down” comes on the heels of visuals for “War I Declare” (watch). “I give no f–cks,” Xanny says about the new track. Asexual Music drops June 7, 2019.

How did you get your stage name?

I got my stage name by trying to commit suicide at one point in my life and as crazy as it sounds, no one knew. I was always a kid who always pretended to be happy. At the time when I lost my job and my parents weren’t even supporting my music career they basically kicked me out. I was basically living with a friend and I felt like I had no one. I was depressed, off living in a world where everything I did I would just fail at.

What made you decide to become an artist?

I really became an artist just to express my pain. I feel it’s a beautiful thing when you can set the mood and tempo for every song and give off a vibe even if it’s about your struggle or success. The world is already broken, take it as it is. We all live by our own selfish desires. Also another reason why I became an artist is just to keep me out the streets because I am not trying to die without a purpose.

What’s the first rap song you ever heard? Describe the moment.

50 Cent, “Many Men”! That shit was litt as fuck. I remember having my nerf gun, walking around like a fake ass gangster, aiming it at the TV while bumping the song. Also I was a big G-Unit fan. Lloyd Banks was that guy. But to be honest I don’t like dwelling too much on the past. I’m all about the future.

How did “Show Down” come together?

So “Touch Down” isn’t a single. It’s basically what I call added hype for the EP and the way it came about is just seeing how much chemistry me and my cousin Nick Fresh had, we just said “fuck it, let’s do another song” and it came out fire as fuck. I popped like 2 perkys before I recorded it to be honest.

What are your predictions for this new year as far as the rap game is concerned?

My prediction is that I’m gonna be the hottest trash to ever step foot in the game. I don’t care about what people think as long as I make them think. I’m the next big thing, ya feel me. A lot people hate me and I’m ready for the hate that’s to come. I went through life just by overcoming so much hate and I feel like nobody will believe in you until you believe in yourself. I’m also planning to flood the market with music and visuals so a lot of content is on the way. Be on the lookout.

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