Our first inaugural Just 2 Black Brothers Indue Rap Tourney is complete. Much respect to all the emcees involved:

Steven Darnell. King Emery, Jimmy Lax , Iam_Prolifik, M-Burb, Ric Scales of 18 Scales, Dolo the Bandit, K Cirrus, Horus Gump, Franchise, JR & Allnighters, Yumz, Joe Ayinde, $ho-Tyme, L. Fennell, and Sean Elliot.

Shoutout to our judges – Po from PoPolitickin, DJ Period, and Nope

Thanks for Psycho Les from The Beatnuts for being a celebrity judge for our semifinals and final rounds.

Thanks for our sponsor – XP The Marxman for the gift bag for the winner

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