Po: Could you tell us a lil’ bit about yourself?

Hey Everyone, for those who don’t already know me, I’m Misty Monteith. I’m a Canadian raised into a home full of Jamaicans, which gave me the opportunity to enjoy best of both worlds. lol. I’m just a very down to earth chick that’s very open to anything and everything and I hope it shows in my work.

Po: How was it growing up? Where you a cutie growing up 🙂

Growing up with my family was awesome! I was just like any other kid. I got my occasional “licks” or “beats” for talking back, not talking at times, dipping into conversations… well you know Jamaican people “box” their children for anything. lol. I grew up in what’s considered a rough area called Rexdale in Ontario for half of my life. I was okay looking I guess. I was that cute pudgy chick with the glasses, latest Nikes, and clothes from Sears. lol. That was the “in” thing back then. Where I lived the elevators sometimes worked, the stairs smelled like piss and all the apartments were roach invested. Luckily, enough my father started a business and my mother graduated from college and life took off for us. I later moved from the “hood” and moved to the “boonies” in Maple, Ontario.

Po: I read that you are a modeling instructor for the world’s leading modeling school, Barbizon. Can you describe that experience?

I genuinely love the experience. I love working with children, teens, and young adults. I mean you’re there to teach but they end up teaching you so much more. Working for Barbizon as a modeling instructor was and still is a major accomplishment for me. You receive so much pleasure educating people on what you know and I get so much joy seeing them now in TV ads, commercials, and music videos because I was the one to teach them what they know.

Po: How was it making the transition from runway model to urban model?

Petite Runway to Urban Modeling…. lol. Well, it was a little awkward at first but I hadn’t found my sexy at the tender age of 18 so I just watched and observed the older girls. lol. After the process of puberty was finally complete there was no question about whether I had wanted to make a transition, I had to! My hips were way too large for runway modeling and so was the “booty” lol. I wanted to pursue modeling so I had to find other means and urban modeling was it. I love the fact that I have the high fashion modeling experience because I can use it to help reduce the amount of sexual appeal I give to my work and give a bit more class or mystery instead.

Po: Out of all the things you accomplished, what would you consider your proudest moment?

I don’t know if there is one moment I can identify as my proudest one because I’m ultimately proud of everything I have done up until now. Everything led to a bigger and better interview, a bigger and better photo shoot opportunity and a bigger and better music video opportunity.

Po: What are your top 3 career goals?

Hmmm…Top 3, huh? lol.

To become a television host for an American broadcasting company.
To appear in more Magazine issues, and
To open my own modeling school.

Po: What advice you give to aspiring models?

The only advice I can give aspiring models is just to be you and not to imitate anyone else. The industry is looking for fresh faces and new ideas, try to bring something new to the table. So many young girls are jumping into the industry now more than ever so it’s a challenge. I also believe that we can make a statement and not feel the need to use the casting couch. Find another outlet to get into the industry! The harder the struggle, the more rewarding it will feel when you reach the top.

Po: I appreciate you stopping by “Po Politickin”, any last words for the readers?

Aww, thanks for taking some time out of your busy schedule. lol. I just wanted to thank everyone for spending a little time to get to know me personally. It means a lot and I wanted to thank everyone who both love and support me because without them I don’t know if I would have had the courage to continue. Shouts to Caesar from Gallic Wars Mixtape, DRed from Hip Hop Honey Magazine, Dushon Greene from Grits and Eggs, Tek Niq, and WBLK 93.7 Unsigned Hype.

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