Hip-Hop in its truest form, is poetry, it’s a more reflective view on situations in culture, politics, and it often expresses the artists’ opinion on everyday life. Due to hip-hop’s growing popularity and commercialization, much of that authenticity and artistry has been lost. But then there’s the exception, raised in a small town in New Jersey, called Irvington, MoRuf Adewunmi, better know as MoRuf. Has managed to grow a cult-like following by just being honest, with clever rhymes, and a storytelling ability that remind you of young “Mighty Mos”.

It’s safe to say, that his movement: L.O.E., which stands for Love Over Everything, is a return to the golden era of Hip-Hop, when the size of your chain, meant nothing, and the focus was spreading positivity to the masses. To say MoRuf is a breath of fresh air, would be rather cliché, let’s say he’s artist in every sense of the word; reflective, thought provoking, yet entertaining. Bless up!

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