Concluding a whirlwind sequence of events for the New Yoennington signed on with the team’s most hated rival, the Miami Dolphins. Pennington, who was unceremoniously released after the Jets traded for Brett Favre, signed a 2 year, 11.5 million dollar deal to presumably start for the cellar dwelling Dolphins.

Pennington caught on with the Dolphins quickly, after reportedly drawing lukewarm interest from other teams, signing his deal within 24 hours of being released. With this signing, Pennington is reunited with the guy who originally drafted him in Bill Parcells as well as his first offensive coordinator, Dan Henning. Miami, who went 1-15 last season, has drafted a QB in the second round in each of the last two seasons. The signing of Pennington along with the drafting of Chad Henne, is an indictment on QB John Beck, who won’t be a Miami Dolphin for much longer I imagine. Beck, who often looked lost on the field, was drafted in the second round of last year’s draft presumably to be the future franchise QB. Now that the coach who drafted him (Cameron) was fired and there is a whole new regime in town the writing seems to be on the wall for Beck.

As far as Pennington’s impact on the Dolphins, he turns them from a one win team to a potential four or five win team. He is just keeping the seat warm, for maybe two seasons, until Henne can step into a decent situation. He is a sacrificial lamb of sorts, as he is just in there so they don’t have to throw Henne into the fire too soon and potentially set him back. Pennington’s ability, while it is among the worst of starting NFL QBs, and his style of play, while boring and often times unproductive can beat the cupcakes of the league. In that sense Miami does gain from him starting, but Pennington won’t be working any miracles. This Miami team is VERY bad. While I think Ted Ginn will be a pretty good WR in this league, once he learns the ropes, he is nowhere near a #1 WR. Now factor in the fact that the starting QB is limited as far in his ability to throw a deep ball, and you have a situation where Ginn will probably end up being misused (see: Moss, Santana). They have no threats outside of Ginn as far as pass catchers, and their best offensive player is coming off of serious knee surgery. Miami finds itself in a situation where they are going to probably have to rely on Ricky Williams. That isn’t good.

This signing, while I don’t agree with it, makes sense. Obviously Parcells feels his team is a winning team, and Pennington brings veteran leadership. I don’t think given Pennington’s limited skills, and his unproductive career that he does much for the Dolphins for the present and the near future. I think starting Beck and sending him to the proverbial wolves would have been the better option. Then when the team gets into better shape, start Henne.


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