In this episode of PoPolitickin, we politick with Avrex.

Avrex aka Avery A. Belton is a musician born outside of Boston in Leominster, Massachusetts.Taking the first part of his name Av and adding Rex the latin word for king, used to describe king’s in Ancient Rome we give you The Movement “Avrex”.The movement is made up of DISCIPLES who care for their families, love God and have a passion for creating their own businesses. Community involvement youth outreach and Christian ministry outreach is the staple and foundation of his belief. From the age of 9-17 Avrex was moved to and from foster homes, mental institutions, group homes and jail. This makes his story so powerful and gives explanation to why he deems the CHILDREN most important in establishing faith. In reference to, Avrex say’s “children are the thermostat to which we can see the good given from God in it’s infancy before sin has bloomed in it’s conscious state”. Avrex also believes that health wellness and discipline are at the forefront of being an entrepreneur at high levels of productivity.

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