In this episode of PoPolitickin, we politick with devMaccc.

Born and raised in the birthplace of America’s music, Mississippi native devMaccc is an aspiring Hip-Hop artist with a completely different sound you wouldn’t expect to hear. Inspired by artists of various genres such as Frank Sinatra, John Coltrane, J. Cole, Logic, Lauryn Hill, Anthony Hamilton, and many more. Raised by his single mother in the rural town of Florence, the southern teachings of his family that were instilled in him are somewhat expressed throughout his lyrics. At the age of 7, he found an interest in music with the help of his father supplying him with multiple records by his childhood idol Bow Wow aka Shad Moss. Growing up , he began to appreciate the southern pioneers of hip hop which included his hometown hero David Banner, Lil Flip, T.I, and more. Struggling with depression caused by his mother’s battle with breast cancer, he began to find an outlet. Music. Performing in middle school, high school, & community talent shows, he began to get a buzz around his name. After the deaths of his grandparents and reoccurrence of his mother’s cancer, Maccc began to free his emotional self. He found himself writing less about materialistic items and more about family, ex-girlfriends, aspirations, and his spirit animal.. the wolf. Throughout the years, he has paid close attention to the music that is displayed to the youth throughout his home state. His mission is not to drive the nicest car or have the baddest tea model, but to uplift the generation with conscious and relatable messages with substance. And he wants to do it all in Mississippi. Since releasing his debut project “Euphoria” in February of 2016, Maccc has been performing nonstop throughout Mississippi opening for various touring artists and traveling throughout the southern region performing at festivals such as A3C and Essence. With the new year approaching, Maccc is preparing for his first headlining tour and the release of Euphoria 2.


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