In this episode of PoPolitickin, we politick with Horus Gump. llustrating the intricacies of life, Horus Gump is a rap artist who evokes emotion & provokes thought through lyrical rhythms. Native to the historical township of Blackbelt, Alabama, life within the landscape of this poverty-stricken community introduced Horus to spirituality and the perils of life at a young age. A globetrotting military veteran, perspective and a militant mindset are some of his greatest assets. The original artistry of Horus Gump can be summed up as ratcheous (inspirational, vibe amplifying and intertwined with an unfiltered approach). Visionary of the Atlanta based, Audible Hustle Entertainment imprint, Horus is one of the city’s most promising creatives thanks to seamless word-play and undeniable mic presence.

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