In this episode of PoPolitickin, we politick with Philmore Greene.
Philmore Greene is a Hip Hop artist based on the west side of Chicago. After honing his skills for years, he released his first official mix tape titled “The Seal Of Approval” in October of 2012. With sharp delivery, hard hitting punch lines, and great storytelling ability Philmore Greene gives listeners that nostalgic feeling of when music was based on stylistic concepts, beats, and lyrics. As a result of growing up in Chicago and his upbringing the music reflects an intense emphasis on social issues, effects of communities living in poverty, political views, and relationships. His perspective regarding these topics is in full display on his critically acclaimed debut album entitled “Chicago: A Third World City” a project many have called a Hip Hop classic . Philmore Greene has shared the stage with the likes of Raekwon (of Wu Tang Clan), Havoc (of Mob Deep), Jadakiss ( of The Lox), and many others. With a host of musical influences Philmore Greene still remains a student of music. Passionate and poised are two words that define him. Philmore plans to be mentioned with the great lyricist/ writers in music today and in the future. Stay tuned!!!!

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