In this episode of PoPolitickin, we politick with Qumontae. Cultivated from the roots of a small town in Virginia, Qumontae’s dreams exceed the magnitude of the universe. He was introduced to life through a crack addict mother and a kingpin imprisoned father. At 8 months old, circumstances led to Qumontae to be seized from his mother and was sent to live with an acquaintance of his father. Family values kicked in with his grandmother, and she piloted his blood family to win custody of him at 8 years old. Paralleled by militant parenting styles, Qumontae could not follow the house directives. Eventually his grandmother put him out at 17 years old for not abiding by the house rules. Forced into manhood to exist in the streets, Qumontae would secretly creep in and out of one of his friend’s house for asylum. Ultimately, he concluded to sleeping in his car for several months. Popularity is a trait that Qumontae is known for in his home town. Playing a position as a social influencer, he fused a relationship with a studio owner by the name of Lil Mike. Qumontae rapidly familiarized himself with every position in the studio including engineering, recording, mixing, graphics, and film. Studio X became temporary residency for him and he was granted the reigns to manage the organization. This experience led Qumontae to be fascinated with the music industry and his vision ignited into existence

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