Authenticity in rap is rare. But it’s Brandon “Beejus” Robinson’s forte. The Bay Area-based musician has spent years crafting and developing his style and learning the industry. While many MCs see pursuing music as their way to gain fame and riches, Beejus is more concerned with sharing his free-spirited ways with the world. His undeniable ability to connect with audiences has impressed listeners and concertgoers and positioned him as an entertainer and artist, not just a rapper. Inspired by all walks of life, Beejus’ sound matches his “FreeSpirit” brand perfectly. “I’ll never box myself in.” A motto he’s had since his teenage years fuels his “method to the madness”, but all over the place style of being. His music is deep enough for seasoned music heads to appreciate, while fun enough that the party-goers will sing along and dance as well. While always speaking on positivity and self-betterment, his West Oakland California upbringing adds a very real element that makes his music and persona so relatable and leaves a lasting impression on everyone who hears it.

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