In this episode of PoPolitickin, we are rejoined by Stone Mountain native, & Grammy nominated Songwriter/musician/entertainer Willie HyN. At a very young age Willie HyN begin his relationship with music. Growing up the son of a pastor, music has always played a major part in HyN’s life. With a discography that includes Rok N Rose, CHiiEF 2, ChiiEF, Roses Over Satellite Beach, The Boy in a Balloon, The Detour and The Detour 2: Power Trip as well as his latest Album 13 Roses, Willie HyN’s music has already graced the airwaves and even the television, having been featured on BET’s hit movie Hollywood Hearts and even written, co-directed, & starred in his own movie, 13 Roses: The Movie. Willie HyN has released 10 projects and produces arrangements for his band, CONFETTii Rose. Heavily influenced by alternative, rock, jungle, funk and hip hop, his sound is distinctive, authentic and inspiring. Some of his influences include Prince, Andre 3000, Jimi Hendrix, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, James Brown and DeAngelo. He has performed for the likes of Janet Jackson, Angie Stone, Usher and even been heavily praised by Prince! Willie manages to balance his eclectic range of musical influences perfectly through his prodigious music. His music is directed to each and any person who can relate, this is why it is evident he is destined to become a household name, legendary and a movement all his own.

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